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Custom Branded Masks

Turn Pandemic into Profit; Custom Branded Masks

With COVID-19 the major news driver of 2020, it is unsurprising that face mask production has dramatically increased. It is estimated the total production of face masks will surpass 10 billion in China this year, compared to 5 billion last year. The main purpose of the increased use of face masks is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but your businesses can gain a competitive advantage by using mandatory face masks to promote your brand. 

A face mask with your logo is a smart marketing and promotional tactic that is practical and sends a positive message. Your business can display your consciousness of limiting the spread of Covid-19 with cotton masks imprinted with your logo. 

Majority of countries have made face protection compulsory in places including – schools, work, stores, and even on the open street. No one really knows the duration of this epoch but protection will be mandatory unless the vaccine becomes widely accessible. Take advantage of this era and get plenty of exposure by using your marketing dollars effectively! Make sure you negotiate for a quantity discount.

Masks are now available in a variety of colours, materials and structures. Not only will your staff display masks with your business logo, but make sure they are available to your customers as well. For instance, if the masks are made of god quality and come in a variety of colours, your customers will be utilizing them outside,- which creates free marketing for you! To leave a lasting impression, you can even customize branded face masks as a promotional giveaway. Websites like Vistaprint will allow you to get create and customize your own.

Furthermore, use the following tips to purchase the best type of masks and provide your network with tips to ensure that they are utilized properly:

  • Use cotton face masks: There is a reason that many people buy bed sheets that are made from 100% cotton – to stay cool! So it is not surprising that the best branded face masks for your marketing will usually be made from cotton. Cotton has better ventilation and will trap less moisture from sweating and breathing. The longer that your customers and workers wear masks, the safer they will be, and the better your brand is getting out there. 
  • Make the mask snug but not tight: To keep your employees and workers safe, make the mask fit snugly around the face but it should not be so tight that it hurts. If it is too tight, there is less room to breathe during long shifts.
  • Order a sample: It’s a good idea to order a small sample first and wear the mask around the house as a trial. For instance, ensure that it’s comfortable to be worn for hours at a time.
  • Change it often: If you live in a hot or humid climate , the longevity of the mask could be shorter due to sweat and moisture creation. After the mask is soaked, it is not useful and should be changed. Make sure your network is educated to wash or change masks often.
  • Be wary of using face products: If your skin is dry, it is best to apply moisturizer before you put on a mask. This will avoid skin irritation.
  • If your skin is sensitive, avoid wearing makeup under your mask and clean your face before and after use. 

Clearly, with the whole population needing to wear face masks, smart business owners have a great opportunity to help people stay healthy and increase their brand awareness. Get creative and start customizing your very own face mask designs. You can even go a step further and offer sanitizer bottles with your logo.

Turning a pandemic into profits. Genius.

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