What You Need To Pump Up Your Personal Training Software

Personal training remains a popular business niche in the world of health and fitness. Maybe you’ve started a personal training endeavor of your own, but have grown frustrated with juggling the duties of training, management, and accounting. Wouldn’t it be great to get back to what you do best – motivating and inspiring your clients – while your business practically operates itself, bringing you more customers, more revenue, and more peace of mind than ever?

With the traditional personal training business model, you can only provide training to one client at a time in a local setting. However, by using the strategies in this article, you can broaden your services, increase productivity, and interact with clientele in new ways – all while you continue to help your local clients achieve their best.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

Market yourself for success

Part of running a business these days involves simultaneously managing your online presence. After all, when most people are interested in a product or service, they’ll turn to the internet for information and user reviews. The online world is also a fantastic way to build interest in your services, advertise to new clients, and establish a compelling online presence that’ll have people more excited than ever to train with you!

Build and sustain social media influence

You likely already have a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page (and if not, definitely get on that!). But what if you could turn these social media platforms into lean, mean, customer-generating machines? The trick to successfully marketing via social media is by posting consistent and compelling content.

When it comes to physique, dramatic health transformations are persuasive! Try posting before-and-after photos of your clients (with their permission!) that drive your audience to take action, either by visiting your website or booking their first appointment. Provide brief video footage of your training sessions to entice users to workout with you (Instagram/Snapchat stories are perfect for this).

Or, post photos of post-workout meals reminding your followers that living a healthy, active lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. Keep it varied, keep it consistent, and you’ll likely see your audience and clientele grow!

Still unsure? We’ve got more to say! For more about the power of social media for business, check out this previous article featuring a neat infographic by Business Coaches Sydney.

Offer discounts and build business and trust with referrals

Another way to market yourself is to provide a special discount or coupon code that can be applied towards your services. According to this article on Yoast, the human mind actually considers the thought of missing out on a discount painful. Develop limited-time-only discounts to create urgency and drive sales.

Once you’ve done this, spread the word by posting about it via social media, and you just might convince those who have been on the fence about getting in shape!

You could also utilize your existing audience to market yourself by creating an affiliate program. This works by offering your clients discounts or rewards for referring their friends or family. Current trainees may have enough familiarity to vouch for you and your services, making for a convincing recommendation.

Essentially, they could be doing marketing for you, free of charge!

Reach more customers – online and off

While you’re in the gym making sure your clients work their hardest, your business doesn’t have to be on standby. Here are a few ways to create and monetize products and services that generate revenue without sapping too much of your time and focus.

Broaden your business with Digital Personal Training Content

Don’t limit yourself to local-only clients – your knowledge of fitness knows no bounds! By creating and selling downloadable content on your website, you can reach customers worldwide and offer helpful advice in the form of workout plans, nutritional guides, or instructional video compilations.

With this strategy, you might even be catering to a sizeable, unknown portion of your audience – those who see value in your advice but might not want to commit to in-person training!

Check out a digital content delivery service like Sellfy or Gumroad to get started. Using platforms like these, you can easily upload your content and add purchasing options to your website or Facebook page.

Offer an online training solution

We’ve mentioned a few ways to diversify your personal training business in this article – and here comes another one! By providing an online training service through Skype video calls, live streams, or message forums, you can broaden your reach even further. During these one-on-one sessions, you could interact with clients around the world and offer your expertise to an otherwise inaccessible demographic.

Or, try participating in weekly online broadcasts in which you answer fitness questions from the general public while representing your brand and generating interest in your services.

Let all-in-one software do the work

Let an all-in-one software do the heavy lifting by managing appointments, improving your online optimization, and giving you detailed reports on sales and services. Perhaps best of all, some basic plans are free, so you can try before you buy. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are a few life-changing features we think you’ll love.

Online Scheduling

Alleviate the hassle of constant phone calls and manual appointment tracking. With online scheduling your clients can book appointments with you 24/7 from your Facebook page, website, or any mobile device.

Using the on-site visits feature, customers can even access your schedule and request to meet you in-person based on your location, how far you’re willing to travel, and calculated travel time. No doubt that both you and your new clients will love the convenience!

Client Management

Every time you book a client, a profile is automatically created for them. From here, you’ll be able to keep tabs on their payment history, attach notes/reminders, and review past appointments – allowing you to build trust and familiarity with your growing clientele.

Sarah currently has hip abductor pain. Terry is experimenting with a vegan diet. With your busy schedule, you’re likely to forget about these little personal details once in a while!

Check-in with your software before your sessions and build closer relationships with your customers without relying on memory alone.

Save time and drive sales with automated email marketing

80 percent of businesses surveyed rely on email marketing for customer retention – and with good reason. Email marketing works, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself to get good results. Minimize time spent in front of your computer typing away at emails by using email marketing tools to send personalized, automated emails to your clients that keep them updated and connected with your personal training business.

Some software offers full customization options as well , so you can represent your brand with appropriate colors and stylings. No graphic design knowledge required!

You’ve helped your clients hit personal records in the gym – now, it’s time to hit some personal records of your own in the business world. Get at it!

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