Why Online Booking Does Not Work

Whether you’re a service provider for horse riding lessons, beauty treatments, or martial arts classes, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to book you whenever they want and however they want. Using an effective online booking system is a great way of allowing you to spend less time on the phone and more time with the customers in front of you.

So you finally take the plunge to implement an online booking system, but instead of things going as you’d expected, you actually end up spending more time on administrative tasks, creating lots of headaches for you. This blog post outlines some of the main reasons that this might happen.

The System Was Too Complicated

One of the main benefits of having an online booking system is that it will minimize your workload. But if customers have to jump through too many hoops or are asked too many questions in the initial stages of booking online, there is a good chance they will be discouraged from doing so.

As a result, customers may decide it’s faster for them to book by making a phone call or may even choose to book with another company. To encourage customers to book online and to make customer adoption a lot easier, ensure the booking process is as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

Too Many Bells And Whistles

Although an online booking system with lots of features and capabilities is great, too many bells and whistles is a no-go. If there are too many features, customers won’t know where to start and may feel overwhelmed.

Too many features also makes it difficult for your staff to learn the system, preventing them from completing basic functions that your business requires. For this reason, it’s key that you select the system for the right features and you only pay for the features that your business uses.

Everybody Needs To Be On Board

In order to implement a new online booking system in your company, it’s important all employees are on board, whether they’re managers, service providers or administrative staff. If some employees are using the old method of booking and some are using the new system, there can be reliability issues.

If everyone is on board, both you and your customers can be confident in the confirmation of their bookings, messages are communicated properly, and everyone is on the same page. Using the same booking system also eliminates the chance that certain appointments are on an external calendar, as opposed to being listed on a central calendar that everyone can access.

Educate Your Clients On The System

For a new online booking system to be effectively implemented, clients need to be informed not only how it works, but also how it will benefit them. Explain the benefits of booking online, such as being able to select appointments from a calendar and make changes to existing appointments.

A great way of encouraging clients to book online is to give them the option to do so through every channel. For example, if they are calling to make an appointment but are transferred to voicemail, the voicemail should inform them that there is an online booking option available.

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