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Why RMTs Switch From Mindbody

Mindbody is a powerful software, originally developed for yoga studios and fitness classes but has been marketed as a software for massage therapists and health practitioners as well, which may not be the case.  If you’re like many massage therapists who quickly selected Mindbody software to run your business at the beginning of your practice, you may have come to the point where you have realized that it might not be the software that’s the right fit for you. Here are the 5 main complaints we hear from customers who end up switching to our appointment management software after a sometimes frustrating and expensive experience with Mindbody.

1. Mindbody is confusing for the administrator.

Although the marketing and the mobile app for Mindbody is very well designed and easy-to-use for customers, the back end of the program is very confusing and frustrating for the administrators of the system (ie: you!). Many complaints arise from major workarounds that are required to accommodate any services that don’t fit into a class category or payment structures that aren’t straight forward. One thing is for sure, when you’re looking for a system to run your daily business, you want it to be simple and straightforward so you don’t waste time doing administrative work when your most valuable time is in the treatment room.

2. Mindbody was set up for classes not appointments.

Mindbody is great for fitness studios, yoga classes and large businesses that fit in this model. If you’re not in that category, it can kind of feel like you’re trying to use a large crane to do a job that only requires a ladder! For appointment-based businesses, like massage therapy; even the language used in the system (classes, memberships, etc) can get very confusing to your customers who just want to book an appointment and don’t see that option available! There’s always a workaround but sometimes that simple thing can deter a potential customer from booking.

3. Mindbody support is frustrating.

If you don’t believe me, do a quick google search of ‘Mindbody Reviews’. You’ll find countless stories of people spending hours on the phone with less than helpful support. In addition, Mindbody charges a premium price for setup and support which is out of the price range for most small businesses.

4. There isn’t an easy way to do treatment notes with Mindbody.

Many Massage Therapists are now seeing the value and practicality of going completely paperless with their practice (ie: switching to digital/electronic treatment notes). Being able to keep all their treatment records in a secured, encrypted digital format that’s searchable and easy to manage from any device can save a lot of time and money (and trees!) over the life of their business. Mindbody doesn’t have this feature which makes it an additional program and cost if you need to add it on instead of having a clinic management software that does everything for you.

5. Mindbody is expensive for a small or solo massage therapy practices.

As every business owner knows, lowering your overhead costs increases your profits! When you find ways to cut your monthly costs, it’s worth it. Many Mindbody clients end up switching to a more cost effective service after realizing they can get a lot more for the same price as the minimal plan they’ve been using with Mindbody. There are even free software plans available that will do simple appointment management if that is all you are looking for.

If you’re frustrated with your current software or looking at your software options for managing your business and your clients in your massage therapy practice, remember that the most important feature to look for is the right fit for you and your business model.

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