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Why Setmore Clients Switch to Yocale

In the last year, we’ve seen a trend of clients who already have online booking software but are now looking for more functionality and features.  Setmore clients come to Yocale looking for more marketing power as well as more business management features.  Yocale isn’t just a booking widget, you can run your entire business through our scheduling software.

As the appointment scheduling software market has advanced in the last five years, Setmore’s booking features are still relevant but some industry segments have found their software hasn’t completely kept up with their business needs, namely in mobile compatibility, marketing, and secure treatment notes (SOAP/charts) integration for allied health industries.

Here are the 5 main reasons why Setmore clients decide to make the switch to Yocale.

1. Automated Marketing

Yocale’s automated marketing features include rebooking reminders, preset email promotions (birthdays, or for clients who haven’t been in for a certain amount of days) and promoted services within the Yocale Marketplace.

2. Appointment Marketplace

Listing your business on opens your doors to more customers who are actively searching and booking appointments in your area. Our online marketplace is both on online search portal and a mobile app, when someone searches near you, books an appointment, likes or reviews your service, that directly affects your web profile status.

3. Secure Treatment Notes

Keep all your SOAP notes, treatment messages, images, documents and appointment charts safely attached to your client files so your office can stay completely paperless.

4. Pricing

For businesses between 10-40 service providers that are in allied health, beauty, and all appointment-based industries, Yocale’s Pro Plan is extremely high value for a massive jump in feature offers. 

5. Search Engine Optimization (Google Ranking)

When someone searches, books an appointment, likes or reviews your service, that directly affects your web profile status. It has valuable SEO-building data that we’ve programmed to use to your advantage.  Our clients have noticed a significant rise in their Google search ranking within a couple months of joining.

Yocale’s appointment booking marketplace and business management software solution was launched in 2013 to address the needs of the industry by integrating the trends of our more mobile-focused culture as well as the ability to offer a higher level of data security for client and business data.

Switching from Setmore to Yocale may seem like a headache but that’s the beauty of CRM systems, your database of clients, services, and providers are all held in basically one spreadsheet. Transferring the data is a quick and easy process of moving that spreadsheet into a new system, just like buying a new phone and your data gets instantly uploaded to the new model, the work goes on behind the scenes to make sure everything runs seamlessly. Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone with tech support, or stay up past midnight staring frustrated at their bright computer screen, take a hands-free approach we’ll do it all for you with our complete data-migration support.

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