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Yocale Pay offers a complete payment solution for any business. Get the best rates while easily accepting contactless payments in-store, on-the-go, or online. 

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Save 30% on your current payment processing and get FREE hardware for the first 3 months*

* Offer applies to new clients only

Clear & Simple Payment Processing​

Better Pricing

Amazing low processing rates with interchange plus pricing

Better Service

Be confident with no hidden fees, no contracts, worry free payment processing

Better Products

Take advantage of integrated scheduling, POS & invoicing tools, hardware, and more

Better Support

The help you need when you need it most

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Sleek Modern Payment Processing

Yocale Pay Card Readers gives your business the flexibility to accept credit and debit cards. At the counter, on the patio or on the go, the Yocale Pay Card Reader is mobile-ready to accept payments, where-ever your business takes you.

Accept Payments Online

Yocale Pay accepts all major credit cards online and can be accessed through any device such as your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Yocale Pay can also securely store your client payment information for easy future payments. 

Point of Sale for Barbershops
Yocale online scheduling point of sale refund

Create, Send, Get Paid!

Create quick and simple drag-and-drop invoicing to send to your clients. Add a quick payment option for clients to pay directly through the invoice. Get paid instantly and have funds deposited next day. 

Interchange Plus + Pricing

Yocale Pay uses Interchange plus pricing which uses the interchange rate (fees set by Visa & Mastercard) and then adds a nominal processing fee on top of the Interchange rate.

Businesses benefit because no matter the type of card or the processing method, you only pay the necessary rate for that transaction.

This allows businesses to get the most transparent pricing model available and combines low payment processing margins so you get the best of both worlds.

Traditional Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing has become one of the most popular merchant pricing methods for processing credit cards as it allows for simple pricing for business owners. 

The down side is that no matter the credit card used or the method that transaction is processed, the business pays more fees than is necessary!

Business could be paying hundreds or thousands of extra dollars in yearly processing fees without knowing it!

* Grey is interchange rates – Blue is fees

Transparent Pricing

Interchange Plus pricing means you won’t wonder how your monthly charges are calculated. With absolutely no hidden fees, no compliance fees, no mysterious monthly bills to dissect. Always clear and honest pricing!

Premium Rates

By joining Yocale Pay, you are sure to be getting the best possible rate for your business. No more shopping around for rates, Yocale pay is your one stop shop for hyper competitive rates.

Yocale Pay - An Emerging Payment Processing Leader

We want to create a long-lasting partnership with you and your business. Tell us a bit more about your business so we can create something great together.

*Yocale Network Corporation is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered Partner/ISO of the Canadian brand of U.S Bank National Association and Elavon

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