In helping to do our best to keep small businesses up and running during these difficult times, we have launched Yocale Meet for easy virtual appointments

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Tools Available to Use as a Competitive Advantage During Covid-19

As officials have ordered all non- essential businesses to shutter their doors, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the economy with increasing worry. As compulsory by law, social distancing is the new normal. 

How can we help our community? Primary, we have gathered a list of monetary benefits available to you through the Economic Relief Program. 

To be  impervious as much as feasible, Yocale is offering helpful resources that anyone, anywhere in the world can apply to manage their business online and stay connected to their loved ones.

We want everyone to be able to use these features and we are offering them for free during this volatile time. 

When Strategy Leads, Success Follows: Tips For Keeping Up

Build your Yocale Profile– Utilize this time to create or enhance your profile and be aesthetically pleasing to your target audience. Do your due diligence. 

Business Calendar- Utilize Yocale’s calendar for personal and business needs to flourish during downtimes. Organization is Key! Make sure to set up your availability and ask your clients to Pre-Book youOffer discounts as an incentive to pay in advance and keep the cash flow flowing. 

Client Engagement-  Engagement is Key. Use Yocale’s marketing tools to send out mass emails directly to your clients to keep in touch. Send out business promotions or any useful (self-help) information your audience could benefit from. 

Yocale MEET Video Conferencing:
Video Conferencing is awesome for overcoming the negative impact of social distancing. We can only offer you what we trust in, which is why we created MEET to connect with our Yocale team members every morning. 

Fortunately, many professionals can still continue operating virtually by using video conferencing. MEET has many capabilities besides video, as it also allows users to annotate and collaborate on a shared documents. Ideal for managing classes and large groups! Watch this quick video to see how smoothly it operates and sign up today for meaningful connections. 

Widget- Powerful Online Book Button:
Provide a revolutionary experience to your clients by uploading The Widget on your website. By offering an easy go-to booking process, you’ve already created a competitive advantage. Here, you will see a quick video on how easily the widget operates

Send the booking link directly to your clients so they can book (multi-services) in advance. Make sure to set your future available dates to get pre-booked and prepare.

Forms- Know Your Client Before Meeting them:
For service providers that can continue meeting clients virtually, this feature will be highly favoured. You can create any kind of form template required for the type of service you are offering. You can even upload images and documents to any form templates! Watch this quick video tutorial to see how you can annotate on forms with images.

Request your clients to fill out required forms via email and send it right back to you, meet them using our video conferencing to commence the appointment and discuss details. 

Sent their invoice directly from the Point of Sale system and receive your funds directly to your Bank Account with our Stripe integration. Effective and Efficient. 

For an Additional Boost, Ask your Network to:

  • Pre-book their next appointment 
  • Refer a friend
  • Buy gift cards
  • Write a positive review 
  • Like, comment and show love on social media

We value small businesses everywhere, as they are the backbone of our healthy economy and hope for further resources to emerge during this time of crisis. 

In life we have choices; The choice to waste this (down) time and dwell on the pandemic to be over or we can use it wisely to plan, prepare and be ready in full force once the market re-opens. 

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