yocale verified reviews

Yocale Verified Reviews

Yocale’s marketplace uses an internal review system that is based on the principles of authentic marketing.  Reviews submitted can only come from verified customers that have received a service and have had that service marked as “Done” by the provider.  This protects the consumer from being mislead by fake or purchased reviews and protects the provider from negative or false reviews from trolls, competitors or unsolicited hackers.

How Yocale’s Review system works:

When a provider closes an appointment and marks it as “Done”, a customer is now able to leave a review for that provider.

Yocale has made it easier for providers to ask for reviews, and for customers to leave reviews through the electronic receipts process.  When an appointment is closed, an electronic receipt is sent to the customer, within that receipt is a kind ask for a quick review of the treatment with a direct link to our easy to use review system.   Customers, having just received the treatment, and now also accessible copy of their receipt can easily leave a star rated review with comments directly for the service provider that they just had the service with.  If the client isn’t ready to give a review then, they are now able to put a review on the providers home page at any time, because they have been a verified customer with a completed appointment.  If they have not had a completed appointment, they will not be able to leave a review for the provider.  If the provider has opted to not send automatic receipts, a quick “How was your appointment?” email is sent to the customer.

This is how Yocale maintains authenticity in our Verified Review process.  We can stand behind our words when we say, every review on Yocale is a true representation of a customer experience.

This is what Yocale’s Review System looks like

Email sent after treatment is complete asking in the subject line: “How was your appointment?”


email ask for reviews


This is what Yocale’s Review System looks like for the customer.


Yocale Review System


Reviews show on a Providers Profile Page:

Yocale Profile Reviews

And the actual reviews look like this. (*customers are not required to add notes, the star rating shown is the average of the total rating to the closes 1/2⭐️)

Yocale Review View


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