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Yocale + Zapier = Unlimited Possibilities

What is Yocale + Zapier all about?


We will get to how in just a moment.

Why Your Business Needs to Focus On Automation

Manual tasks cost your business a lot of money.

The reason?

Routine tasks decrease the efficiency of your workflow. Your employees are left spending their time on low-value tasks, which drives up costs and decreases your revenue.

Automation, however, frees up employee time, drives down costs and boosts your revenue.

Automation is not only the key to more revenue but also overall growth.

This is especially true for small businesses.

The new Small and Medium Business Trends Report from Salesforce echoes this idea: their survey of over 500 small businesses found that the businesses that are automating their processes are the ones growing.

In fact, they are 1.6X more likely to be growing than businesses who aren’t automating.

For appointment-based businesses, your scheduling software is already automating a lot of tasks for you.

But if Yocale is your appointment scheduler of choice, you could be automating even more of your tasks, particularly when it comes to your workflow.

22% of your employees day is spent on repetitive tasks alone.

If you use Yocale’s appointment scheduler, did you know that you can use Zapier to integrate Yocale with all of your third-party apps and business tools like Google Calendar, QuickBooks, MailChimp and just about every other app you possibly think of?

Did you know that you can use Zapier to automate many of your Yocale tasks?

Automation is key to business success and Zapier makes it easy.

What Is Zapier, Again?

We’re talked about what a powerhouse Zapier is in the past, but here is a brief refresher for those who aren’t quite sure how the app works:

Zapier is an app that allows you to integrate all of the web applications you use in order to automate tasks. Essentially, it allows all of your apps to talk to each other.

Here’s just one example:

If you use Google Calendar and Gmail, you can connect the two to create a “Happy Birthday email draft in advance of a client’s birthday so that you don’t have to manually do this yourself.

These are all called “zaps.”

Here’s another example: you could connect Pipedrive and Zapier so that when Pipedrive deals enter a stage, draft emails on Gmail are up already ready for you.

Above all, Zapier makes it easy to integrate many of your third-party apps and specifically to automate tasks in-between them. Zapier essentially cuts down on time spent manually doing tasks between apps.

Yocale has now partnered with Zapier and as you will see, the possibilities are endless.

Yocale + Zapier Integrations

Yocale has a large number of integrations that make it possible for you to send your Yocale data to other programs outside of Yocale. The screenshot below gives you an overview of just a few of those integrations.

Here is just a glimpse of the possibilities:

  • Productivity & Organization

Yocale + Google Calendar Integrations: for example, you can find and update existing Google calendar events when Google sheet rows are updated or create Google Calendar events from Evernote reminders)

  • Sales

Yocale + Facebook Lead Ads Integrations: create rows on Google sheets for new Facebook Lead Ad leads or create or update Pipedrive deals from new Facebook Lead Ads leads

  • Finances

Yocale & QuickBooks Integrations: you can create ShipStation order from QuickBooks invoices or you can add new FreshBooks invoices to QuickBooks as new invoices or you can)

  • Email Marketing

Yocale & MailChimp Integrations: create MailChimp subscribers for new paid Shopify orders or create or update Hubspot contacts from new MailChimp subscribers)

  • Meeting-Based Apps

Yocale & GoToMeeting Integrations: create meetings on GoToMeeting for new events on Google Calendar or send emails for new meetings on GoToMeeting.

Yocale & Join.Me Integrations: schedule a Join.Me meeting with new Calendly invitees or get upcoming Join.Me alerts via ClickSend SMS

  • Social Media

Yocale + Twitter Integrations: tweet new blog posts or share new Twitter mentions in Slack.

Again, none of the integrations on this list are meant to be exhaustive – this is just meant to give you an overview of all of the possibilities. There really are unlimited possibilities.

Popular Yocale Zaps

Here are some of the most popular zaps for Yocale:

  • For new Google Calendar events, block off time in Yocale 
  • Create Yocale bookings from new Trello cards
  • Send Gmail emails for new Yocale bookings
  • Add rows to a Google sheets spreadsheets for new Yocale bookings
  • Todoist tasks for new Yocale bookings
  • Yocale appointments for new Google Calendar events
  • Yocale bookings from new Google spreadsheet rows
  • Evernote reminders for new Yocale bookings
  • SMS messages for completed Yocale bookings 
  • Complete Todoist tasks for completed Yocale bookings

How to Use Yocale + Zapier

Yocale’s Help Center is a great resource for showing you more in-depth tutorials on how to set up various integrations with Zapier. For example, the Help Center will show you how to set up Yocale + MailChimp integrations and so on.

You might also find our previous blog post on how to get the most out of Zapier for your business helpful, as well as 13 helpful Zapier integrations for your service-based business.

The Bottom Line

By default, your online scheduler already automates a lot for your business, from appointment-taking to reminders and so on.

But Yocale’s partnership with Zapier offers even more opportunities for automating your business, particularly when it comes to your workflow.

Automating your workflow will allow your employees to spend their time on high-value tasks, reduce costs, drive revenue and grow your business.

Yocale is the top scheduling software on the market today. Yocale also has been featured in Microsoft, Forbes and beyond. We also offer a free suite of business management and marketing tools. For more information, click here.

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