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Yocale’s New Spring 2019 Release!

Have you caught up on Yocale’s new spring 2019 release?

Yocale has had a makeover! Spoiler: there’s a lot in it for you.

We have five updated/new features: point of sale, clients profile, resource functionality, 2-way Outlook integration and mobile browser responsiveness!

These updated/new features are all about increasing efficiency (did you know that businesses lose 20 to 30 percent in revenue because of inefficiency?), reducing no-shows even more and giving you the ability to better manage your business on-the-go.

Get the scoop below.

1. Point of Sale

The Update: We’ve made our POS a customizable invoicing and payment process.

The Benefit: Easier checkouts and more effective record keeping.

Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Easily accept Stripe payments for faster and more secure payments
  • Track other payment methods
  • Store client cards on file on the Stripe network
  • Easily add additional services (both present and past) and unpaid appointments to invoices
  • Void transactions or partial payments
  • Easily add discounts, extra charges and enable disposable taxes for all individual line items
  • Do split payments for tracking or processing different payment methods

2. Clients Profile

What Is It? This is a true mini-CRM packed into a scheduling software. You can view everything to do with your clients in one place! For example, you can see a quick overview of appointment totals, previous and upcoming appointments as well as 6 and 12-month revenue views.

Here’s more detail:

  • Filter and view past appointments as well as manage upcoming appointments
  • View and create forms as well as upload/attach documents to client files
  • Add fully custom notes with lots of styling options
  • Search, view and manage all created invoices
  • View entire communication history between your business and your clients – see status of sent/pending communication (email and SMS)

3. Resource Functionality

What Is It? Add resources (e.g. rooms, machines, equipment etc.) to your bookable services.

The Benefit: Keep clients and staff from overbooking resources. For example, if both of your laser machines are already booked, clients won’t be able to book these services.

Here’s more detail:

  • If resources are currently unavailable, you can easily manage current resources to reflect this, therein avoiding booked appointments that require these resources.

4. 2-Way Outlook Integration

What Is It? Easily connect your Outlook calendar to your Yocale calendar.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Auto-sync upcoming Outlook events to your Yocale calendar (syncing is immediate, which means there’s no chance of double bookings).
  • Booked Yocale appointments get automatically pushed into your Outlook calendar (along with full appointment details).

5. Mobile Browser Responsiveness

What Is It? You can now use Yocale on your phone while keeping the same functionality and feel as the desktop version! The only difference is a more compact look.

The Benefit: Keep up with your business while on the go!

The video below goes into detail about all of these features:

Wrapping It Up

We also have new email templates for appointment reminders and notifications as well as client unsubscription options.

There are also a lot of calendar and user enhancements throughout Yocale as well.

Yocale is continually updating and adding new features to our scheduling software to give users as much value from their scheduling software as possible.

Recommended Further Reading:

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