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How Lash Business Customers Can Book You Easily With The Client App

From bold eyelash extensions to stunning curls, your lash salon highlights and accentuates the natural beauty of your clients. And like they say – it’s all in the eyes.

You might take great pride in your services and staff – but bumping your service up a notch to the level of exceptional often requires going the extra distance for your prized customers. And unfortunately, many lash businesses struggle to determine what exactly that “extra distance” involves. Want to become a lashpreneur? Click the link!

Although well-styled lashes have always flattered, the world of business has changed drastically over the last decade – leaving many lash lounges scrambling to keep up.

For starters, the tech boom has fundamentally rewired the way we interact with local businesses and services. Today’s customers don’t want to have to call a business to manage or book their appointments – and fortunately, they no longer have to!

Just like your lash services accentuate the beauty of your clients, Yocale’s Client App accentuates the accessibility of your business. It’s a free download that allows your customers to manage their appointments and check their payment history, all from the comfort of their iOS or Android compatible device.

Your customers will love the added convenience – and the app will further incentivize new business through its remarkable simplicity and ease-of-use. And because your clients can book directly from the Client App, you and your staff can expect to be less caught-up on the phone!

Go the extra distance for your customers with Yocale – here’s how it works!

Allow Your Clients To Book In Seconds Via Their Mobile Device

An increasingly digital world emphasizes digital solutions. Customers want the ability to manage their day-to-day lives through their smartphones – including how they interact with the businesses around them.

In fact, research has found that 45% of businesses offering web or mobile self-service reported an increase in site traffic and reduced phone inquiries.

And given that more than 65% of customers aged 18-44 use mobile to seek for service more than once a month, it’s clear that mobile business solutions are becoming a priority for consumers.

With Yocale’s Client App, you can meet the demand for mobile self-service by offering your customers the ability to book at any time without even having to pick up the phone.

From the app, your clients can familiarize themselves with your services, check-in with your availability, and even book an appointment with you in just a few taps.

Once an appointment is confirmed or requested, you’ll receive a notification, and depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to approve, deny, or reschedule the appointment as you see fit!

Manage Appointments And View Transaction History At Any Time

What good would an app for your business be if it only let your clients book with you – and nothing else?

With Yocale’s Client App, your customers won’t have to switch apps or dial your number to modify their existing appointments. In fact, at any time using their Yocale account, they can log back in via the app or their web browser and request changes to any upcoming appointment.

But worry not! If a client chooses to cancel or modify an appointment via the Yocale app, you and your staff will be notified right away so you can stay up-to-date with your ever-changing schedule.

Using the app, your customers can also browse their past transactional history with you – including any appointments and/or prior purchases.

Once you’re all set up with Yocale, your customers won’t have to work around your hours of operation, either. Yocale’s Client App allows them to meaningfully interact with your business from nearly anywhere at any time – even after hours!

Transform Your Business With Yocale’s Mobile Features And Beyond

Yocale’s Client App empowers your customers by increasing the flexibility of your business, while also lessening the burden of phone inquiries on your staff. It’s the all-in-one solution to the demands of this digital age – and best of all, it’s FREE!

That said, our Client App is just the beginning of what Yocale has to offer your business. To check out the full scope of Yocale’s diverse feature set for yourself, click here!

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