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How to Create a Profile on Yocale

A profile is essential. Besides giving information to customers, it can be used in many other ways – for instance, it can be used to improve your search rankings and to book more clients. It’s important for a business profile to not only give business contact information, but to add some personality and establish the tone and style of the company and you. Creating an interesting and engaging profile can be one of the most important things to consider when learning how to write a business profile.

Here’s how you create a profile on Yocale.

Begin by filling in your Business Name. Your business name is what people will see when searching for your profile.

Next, use the location finder to find your current business location. The location finder may not always find your exact match. If this is the case, just type the address. As you start to enter the address, it should automatically populate the address in the box. When you see your full address, including the city and province, click on it to confirm the address.

If your business address includes a unit number, type the unit number in the second box, not in the address field.

The cell phone field is not shown to the public. It is used to confirm your account when you first created your Yocale account and is also used for receiving text message alerts. If you need to change the number, you’ll be asked to verify the number. We will send you a SMS message with a code.

The public phone number is the phone number customers will see on your Yocale profile. You can change it at any time.

The time zone defaults to the time on your local computer. You can update your default time zone setting if it is not correct.

Next is your public profile Yocale URL. This is a convenient way to customize your Yocale URL to take people directly to you business profile. You can choose whatever you like for this. We recommend the name of your business and location because it helps rank in Google search.

The description can make your business stand out. It’s important for your profile to contain the right keywords—making it easier for people to find you in search results for Yocale and Google. Try to use as many relevant key words as you can.

Now, specify your business hours. These hours aren’t the times you are available for booking online; it’s the hours your business is normally open. Just like the hours you would