11 Free Business Website Templates for your Next Project

Creating a website for your business can be hard. At the end of the day, it is the last thing you want to deal with after hiring employees, helping clients and building your brand. But in this modern world, a website is essential. It is a crucial, pivotal way to draw in business and find clients. You just simply cannot exist as a business without a website. 

But building a website doesn’t have to be that hard. And, more importantly, it doesn’t have to be expensive either. There are plenty of free business website templates on the Internet and they can all help you attract customers and drum up interest in no time. In fact, creating a business website for yourself is so easy that you could have it finished by the end of today. 

Here are just a few business website templates to get the ball rolling and take your company to the next level. 

1. Minimalist Portfolio and Studio Template 

Bootstrap is a wonderful website design service that will make creating a new site easier than ever before. Luckily, they also have a ton of website templates to choose from and some of them are specifically made for businesses looking to expand their web presence. You can find all sorts of options from Bootstrap here.

One of the most popular Bootstrap themes is the Minimalist Portfolio and Studio Template. Do you need a portfolio to show off art, products or more? This website build is right up your alley. It comes with easy-to-read-and-use sign-up forms, additional navigation and a truly stunning image quality and portfolio section. Clear, simple and a wonderful way to bring in new clients. 

2. Spark

Wix is an easy-to-use website design tool that is truly ideal for any up-and-coming business that wants to spread its wings and drum up interest.

They have a few great templates to get your company booming. One of them is Spark, a template that comes with multi-level drop-down menus, a testimonial section and plenty of social media links. It provides a crisp and clean look, something that is easy on the eyes and draws viewers in. It looks modern and promises strong performance no matter what you are selling. 

3. Breed2

Breed2 is another Wix template that is ideal for a small business looking to expand. The thing about Breed2 is that it is custom-made for a more personal, smaller-profile business. It would be an excellent fit for a photographer or a freelancer. This is a website template that will celebrate and spread the word about you and all that you do. It is mobile-ready and comes with clean retina screens. It also comes with a working contact form and social media icons, so you can direct your clients and customers to other sites related to your business and location. 

Breed2 showcases you and all you do. It is a perfect template to impress and attract. 

4. Coza Store

Coza Store is a business template that provides a shopping experience that is easy and attractive. 

With brilliant image quality, responsive menus and multiple preview pages, this really is the best way to show off products that need to be seen to be believed. This template will take your business and make it look and feel like the next Gap or H&M. It is powerful and gorgeous and will make your products look the same way. 

5. eCommerce and Shop

Here is a tidy, neat and irresistible website template that features call-to-action buttons, a contact section and compact, easy-to-use features that are responsive and beautiful and are a great template for your company’s website no matter what you sell. Simplicity is often key in business; it is best for you, your employees and definitely your customers. This template will remind you why that is. 

6. Sonar

Making a name for yourself as an up-and-coming photographer can be really hard. There is a lot of competition and never enough opportunities to show off your talents and what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

That is why the template Sonar is so helpful. It has a professional sheen that will elevate your work and instill confidence and trust in any prospective customers. It features a carousel slider, contact page and unique web design that is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to stress about their website and would rather spend their time creating amazing artwork and photography. 

Sonar is a wonderful template that allows you to show off your skills and promote them, too. 

7. Glamour

Glamour is the exact word to use to describe this business template. This is a website builder that is suitable for any sort of sophisticated, high-end business. It provides you with slick text sliders, call-to-action buttons, a portfolio section and newsletter subscription service. Best of all, it is easy to install and easy to update. Whether you are creating a portfolio of your art or another sort of modern brand, Glamour is the route to take. 

8. Imagine

Imagine is a website template that gives prospective clients or customers the facts and data they need to hire you. This strong, striking site will allow you to showcase numbers and information related to sales, business plans and other functional aspects of running a company. When you want to show people the sort of business you have and can do, Imagine is perfect for you and your company. It is easy to read, easy to implement and update and makes landing a job a lot easier too. 

9. Gravity

If you are looking to create a business website with personality and style, Gravity is ideal for you. This template just screams creativity and suggests strong modern and hip vibes. This is the sort of site that a young, fresh company uses. This template is for companies that break new ground and break the mold and remain full of identity and strong character. 

This template comes with a full-screen banner, parallax and hover effects, carousels and call-to-actions.  

10. Mypodcast

It isn’t easy to make a name for yourself in the podcast business. There is so much competition and it sometimes feels impossible to make an impression and find an audience. 

Thankfully there is Mypodcast, a free website building template that revolves around creating a large fanbase for your podcast. This template is mobile-friendly and remains flexible and easily altered at all times. It allows you to upload and share the latest episode of your show with complete ease and gives your podcast personality, style and a professional sheen. 

11. Feliciano

If you are running a winery, Feliciano is the sort of website template that will bring in new wine tasters and leave a good taste in their mouth. 

Full-screen sliders, sticky menus, animated statistics, a fully-functional online reservation form, Feliciano has everything you need to make your wine selection pop off the screen and make mouths water. Your focus should be on creating remarkable wine, not on the fuss and stress of building a website. Feliciano takes care of that second part so you can keep your attention on the first. 

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