About Yocale

A simple concept with great possibilities. Its benefit? A stronger economy created from stronger local businesses. We believe this is achieved by connecting businesses and consumers in every neighbourhood. And, that is only the beginning of what we can do for you.

Welcome to Yocale

We all know them. Those great local businesses around the neighborhood that make our experiences all the more enjoyable. We are working firsthand with local businesses, and see just how connected they are to their neighborhoods. Dedicated to helping local businesses grow, Yocale brings businesses and consumers together in one place—helping shape healthy, thriving communities.

We connect businesses and consumers on Yocale.com. Consumers search and book appointments with a spa, chiropractor, dentist, dog groomer, and almost any kind of business that takes appointments. It’s free to Consumers, and provides one place to connect with local services and manage appointments.

Businesses participate by joining a network of local businesses serving their community. From attracting to delighting customers, Yocale brings businesses together on one platform. Everything is included: unlimited online scheduling, client relationship tools, marketing and promotion of available appointments, reports and more. The result? Less headaches, more control, and more business.

What’s in a Name?


Our Values

1. Growing Local Economies

We are serving a cause greater than ourselves.

2. Connecting Businesses and Consumers in Your Neighbourhood

Our success is in creating connections. Our members make appointments with local businesses anytime, on any device.

3. Relentless Focus on the Consumer

We believe you should give customers and patients what they need—right there, right then—on their terms.

4. One Place to Find Your Perfect Match

Our goal is to help people access and use the ever-expanding, great services in their locale, or wherever they are—in one spot.

5. Local, Local, Local

We believe the key to reaching customers is in keeping marketing local.

6. Don’t Make Them Wait

No one likes waiting. We ensure customers and patients find what they need quickly—without having to go back and forth to book time with your business.

7. There Are No Short Cuts in Trust

Trust is hard-earned currency. From business ratings to consumer ratings, we build trusted relationships.

8. You Don’t Need a Phone to Get an Answer

We believe it’s possible to never be late, lost, or to miss an appointment again.

9. Take Out the Guesswork

Everything happens in real-time, naturally. There’s no doubting, forgetting, and no excuse for no-shows.

10. Think Small, But Act Big

With the same great tools and techniques of a big business, a small local business can pursue sustainable business results—performance on three fronts—people, planet, and profits.