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Reserve with Google: The easiest way to bring in new clients

Get an entirely new booking channel: the biggest search engine in the world! Allow Google users to view your availability and book you straight from Google search, Google Maps and Google Assistant and get Google to ask for reviews! 0% commission.

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Get Your Reserve With Google Button

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of adding the option for your clients to book you through your Google My Business page, please fill out this form and we will get in contact to get you set up and live on Reserve With Google.


Note: The information must be Google business listing account holder. We will contact you at your convenience and will pass on your business to be added to Google Reserve With Google!

* Businesses in the medical industry are not accepted.

Google reserve

Bring 71% of new local Google users to your business

Convert your Google Business Profile into a booking engine that brings in 71% new clients.

How it works

Reserve with Google adds a Google “Book” button to your Google Business Profile so you can get booked straight from Google.

The convenience of booking from Google and other factors helps you stand out in search results so you can convert web searches to bookings! You can even have Google automatically ask for Google reviews, which helps you appear higher in search results!


1-click booking - from Google!

Make your Google Business Profile stand out and stay ahead of the competition by allowing clients to book from Google – all in a single click! Then allow clients to manage their own appointments.

Allow clients to manage their own appointments

Allow clients to manage their own appointments, including rescheduling and canceling, from the Yocale client portal, the Google booking dashboard or email and SMS appointment notifications.

Get seen, get booked

Make your Google Business Profile stand out by allowing clients to book appointments straight from Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Plus, have a long list of reviews endorsing your services!

Special requests and other appointment notes

Let clients leave appointment notes like special requests when they book online.

Yocale calendar sync

Have your Google appointments automatically sync with your Yocale calendar for zero double bookings!

Automatic appointment reminders

Trigger automatic appointment notifications and reminders complete with everything clients need to prepare for their appointment for zero no-shows.

Ultrasonic, 1-click booking

Allow clients to book appointments in a single click.


Put your business ahead of the competition

A revolutionary way to have your business discovered and turn Google searches into new clients and booked appointments – all in three clicks!

Get booked via Google Assistant

Allow clients to use Google Assistant to book your services.

Get booked from your Google Business Profile!

Add a Google “Book” button to your Google Business Profile so your services and schedule are visible and you get booked straight from Google search! Plus, you’ll appear higher in search results so you’ll stand out.

Get booked from Google Maps

Allow clients to book your services straight from Google Maps.

Google reviews

Get more Google reviews
for a better online presence

The fastest way to build your online visibility: have Google automatically trigger Google review requests. Or, automatically trigger Yocale review requests, which will appear in Google search and will be embedded within your Google Business Profile listing!

Have Google automatically request Google reviews

Have Google automatically prompt clients for Google reviews so you can build your online presence.

Auto-trigger Yocale review requests

Automatically trigger Yocale review requests after appointments are completed. Reviews will appear on your public Yocale profile, in Google search and will be embedded within your Google Business Profile listing!


How it works

Confirm you meet the following criteria:

Your Yocale business name matches your Google Business Profile

A working schedule on Yocale

All services are over $5

No “onsite appointments”

How it Works

Our Google specialist will contact you to set up your Google book button over the phone.

Once you’ve been contacted by our Google specialist, it will take up two business days for your Google book button to be live.

All non-insurance-based (medical) businesses are welcome to apply.

Online booking is only the beginning.


Polished, automated confirmations and reminders.

Point of sale

1-click invoicing and 1-click, online check-out.

Client Management

All your clients’ journeys in one place.


Schedules at a glance, easily customizable



Automated marketing – book buttons, reviews and more.

Online forms

Online forms with automatic send out and filing.

Yocale Pay

Get booked straight from Google – up to 64% more bookings!

Yocale Meet

1-click connect, integrated and secure web conferencing.