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3 Ways To Improve Patient Flow For Your Clinic Practice

In order to keep patients who visit your medical clinic practice happy, a seamless process needs to be maintained start to finish, cutting waiting times for patients and maximizing the time of their clinical visit.

Effective patient flow is the key to helping medical clinics see more patients, increase revenue and ensure patients walk away feeling satisfied and cared for, encouraging them to visit your practice again. Here are three ways to improve patient flow in your clinic practice.

1. Use Signs To Direct Clients To Their Destination

One of the main reasons for clients leaving clinic practices feeling unhappy or unwilling to return is due to a complex or timely arrival process. Many patients prefer visiting smaller clinics because large buildings with several floors are more difficult to navigate.

Simplify the process by making it easy for patients to find their destination by including signs indicating directions to the lobby, parking lot, check-in or check-out desk, allowing them to leave feeling stress-free and therefore likely to rebook at your clinic.

2. Avoid Traffic Jams And Streamline Check-In Process

Poor scheduling at your clinic causes traffic jams and means longer waiting times for patients, increasing the likelihood that they will leave your practice unhappy. In order to schedule accordingly, it’s important that you know the capacity of your clinic and don’t overuse rooms incase there is a pile up of late patients arriving.

Streamlining your check-in process by gathering information beforehand, for example, by allowing clients to book online instead of coming into the practice to book an appointment, will also limit traffic jams.

3. Ensure There Is Adequate Parking And An Easy Drop-Off Area

Many patients get around by car, and for this reason, it is essential that your clinic practice has adequate street parking, or a parking lot large enough to accommodate all patient traffic. If a client is unable to find a parking spot, they may have to drive several blocks down the street and walk back, causing them to be late for their appointment, or worse, giving up and going home.

It’s also essential that you have a drop-off area, preferably directly outside of the entrance to your clinic so those people who have limited mobility can easily enter the practice.

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