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5 SaaS Tools That Your Business Can Really Benefit From Using

Optimizing the performance of your business calls for taking advantage of every tip, trick and opportunity available to you — and if you’re not sure what else you can do, that’s a sure sign that you’re overlooking something. This is because perfection is beyond reach: there’s always room for improvement, and it often involves getting to grips with new technologies.

Throughout the consumer technology revolution, we’ve seen standard business practices move from traditional offices to flexible digital operations, granting new working options and new ways to make processes more effective and economical — but what follows that great migration? The answer lies in the cloud. Instead of using localized tools, you can access them through the web.

The provision of such tools is known as SaaS (software as a service), and it’s radically changing the practical foundations of businesses everywhere. In this post, we’re going to pick out five SaaS tools that your business should consider trying right away — tools that can save you time, effort, and/or money. Let’s get to them:


Ostensibly a booking and scheduling tool, Yocale brings so much more to the table. It allows the selection and allocation of company resources, ensuring that scheduling is cost-effective. It offers inventory management so you can easily edit products. It even supports the creation, distribution and redemption of appointment gift cards and coupons. With Yocale, you’ll no longer see your valuable time needlessly go towards organizational tasks.


Keeping track of your expenses is vital for cutting back on waste, and Expensify can really help with that. It’s particularly useful because it doesn’t just allow you to track receipts and manage your spending: it also allows you to use a specific Expensify card to make payments that are automatically tracked for you. Couple this with other improvements to your financial processes — such as improving your invoices (easily done: you can find guides, and there are templates for Microsoft Word that might help) — and you’ll end up in a much better position.


Some Zapier integrations are baked into Yocale, but there’s more you can achieve with it. Through tying into numerous other SaaS offerings (as well as non-SaaS software), it makes it possible to achieve a much more cohesive operation. You could tie your email marketing into your reporting in a much more productive way, for instance, or automate general tasks to free up more time for issues that must be handled manually.


Iteration is absolutely essential when looking to improve a business or any of its component parts. Instead of planning in perpetuity but never implementing anything because you don’t think it’s ready, it tasks you with trying things to see how they perform. You could change the color scheme on your website, or rewrite your homepage copy — and Optimizely can help you do this with minimal fuss or contrivance. It lets you gather ideas, flesh them out, implement them, and analyze the results to do better. 


Workplace communications can seriously undercut business performance if not kept under control, and particularly if not made easy to access. The development and release of Slack was of immense importance in the business world: finally there was an intuitive solution to the problem of employees using different comms channels. Slack use can get out of hand, but that needn’t happen to you. Your goal should be to make the best of it.

Each of these 5 SaaS tools has a lot to offer the discerning user. Implement them all, and you’ll be in a position to streamline your scheduling, cut your costs, improve your integrations and iteration, and take your communications to the next level. Why not go for it? The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll understand the value.

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