Client Management
Advanced Features

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Robust Client Management

Give clients a personalized experience with each appointment and boost customer loyalty by easily keeping track of the details that matter. Does Danielle have an allergy? Does Jim like thickening shampoos? Add any details or documents you wish and save time by easily seeing the details at a glance with a CRM for your online scheduling and calendar management

Client Appointment History

Make better business decisions by keeping track of your clients’ appointment history along with notes and payment history. Has Sally missed her last three appointments? Maybe it’s time to set up pre-authorized payments.

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Client Communication history

Have total control of the communication history between you and your clients for complete transparency. With the client communication history feature, emails and SMS for notifications and appointment reminders are tracked and always easily accessible.

Client Payment History

Save more time by streamlining your payment system. View your clients’ payment history from their past appointments and easily track down old receipts and invoices.
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Client Reports

View your most important data in seconds so you can empower yourself to make the best decisions for your business. Did you have 5 no-shows last week? It’s time to evaluate. View client reports for appointments and revenues from custom time frames.

Client Notes

Have piles of client documents that are taking up space? Do you have a habit of losing your notes? Do you try to remember that Danielle is allergic to nuts?  Easily enter your notes and keep them organized while reducing paper clutter by storing them safely via your scheduling software.

Free Online Scheduling Software
Online Scheduling Software

Document Attachment

Reduce paper clutter by using your scheduling software to attach and store digital client documents in their client profile.

SOAP Notes/Charts

Digitize your SOAP notes, reduce paper clutter and keep your notes organized. Keep all your forms, notes and charts all in one place for easy access.
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Yocale Document attachment Storage

Store All Forms, Documents in Profile

Digitize and streamline all of your documents while reducing paper waste. Store all forms, images and other documents in one place.

Merge Clients

Keep your client database organized by having the ability to merge duplicate client profiles into one condensed profile with just a couple clicks.
Free Online Scheduling Software
Free Online Scheduling Software

Custom Client Alerts

Don’t fear forgetting about Danielle’s peanut allergy. Always stay on top of your client’s most important details by adding custom client alerts to your clients’ profiles to make sure the important messages are always seen.

Client Tags

Organize your clients the way you want. Allow clients to be sorted by tags you add to their client profile.
Yocale client tags
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Want to set up an appointment for a dependent? The dependents feature gives you the flexibility to book appointments for your clients’ dependents.

Custom Form Builder

Streamline all of your forms, keep them safe, reduce paper waste and save more time by building custom forms to send to clients for them to fill (or complete yourself) after appointments.

Yocale Send out intake forms/waivers

Send Automatic Intake Forms/ Waivers

Streamline your intake forms and reduce paper clutter by automating your intake forms and waivers process. Send out forms to be filled out by clients/patients before their appointment from within their appointment reminders.
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