Point of Sale

Online Payment Through Stripe

Make your payments faster and more secure. Easily process and save clients’ payments through Stripe checkout.

Custom Invoice Creator

Need to create custom invoices without the hassle? Quickly and easily create custom invoices by adding services, products and appointments to each invoice.

Add Services To Invoices

Make your invoice process more efficient by having the ability to add services to your invoices.

Sell Products

Sell more products this year and increase your revenue by selling your products directly through the Yocale POS.


Make your refund process more efficient by refunding charged products, services or appointments with only a few clicks.
process client refund

Track payment method

Want to track payment methods? Accept and track payments through various forms like cash, stripe, a physical card terminal and others like insurance payments, cheques, etc.

Invoice History

Get the total picture of your clients’ invoice history for better business decisions by being able to view clients’ past invoice history.
Client invoice history yocale

Track tips & Taxes

Make the process of tracking tips and taxes more efficient by allowing your scheduling software keep track of your accepted tips and charged taxes for you. Also have the ability to report on them later.

Invoice Tracking

Are you invoices out of control? Get more organized and save time by tracking your clients’ invoices with unique invoice identifiers and invoice history tracking.
Invoice Tracking point of sale Yocale
Yocale online scheduling service prepayment


Want the added security of prepayments? Allow yourself to set up an appointment pre-payment either as a deposit or non-refundable no-show payment if your client misses their appointment.

Payment type classification/reporting

Get a more in-depth look at your payments with a breakdown of your payments by sources.
Yocale online scheduling service prepayment

Pre-authorize in case of no show

Losing money because of no-shows? Have the ability to pre-authorize your client’s card without taking a payment and only charge in case of a no-show.

Sell Memberships

Make it easy to take to advantage of the benefits of memberships like recurring venue and more customer loyalty by selling them directly through the Yocale POS. Track their usage in your business as well.
Yocale online scheduling membership management
Yocale online scheduling sell packages

Sell Packages

Make it easy to sell a greater volume of services by selling your packages through the Yocale POS. Track their usage in your business as well.

Use Yocale's POS Tools To Help Grow Your Business