3 Ways to Collect More Online Customer Reviews


There are many reasons why businesses need online reviews. The main reason being that your testimonials page is the first place the customer will go to before choosing to book services with you.

A testimonials page filled with great reviews demonstrates to your customers that your business is not only legitimate, but that other customers are happy with the service they received. Sharing your customers’ experiences with others is a great marketing tactic that you can use without coming across as pushy to new customers.

Reviews are also prioritized by Google and other search engines since user-generated content is extremely important in validating your website. So how do you go about collecting more customer reviews?

1. Ask For Reviews

Obtaining a great review can be as easy as simply asking your customers. Asking customers for reviews lets them know that you care about their opinion and that they are being heard.

Many businesses don’t ask out of fear of hassling clients, but providing you ask during their visit or once the service is over, chances are they will have no problem giving a review. The longer you wait to ask for a review, the less likely they will want to give you feedback.

If a customer thanks you for your great service, either in person, on the phone, or via email, ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving feedback on the testimonials section of your site, or whatever review system your business uses.

2. Make It Easy For Your Customers To Give A Review

To encourage customers to write reviews on your site, you need to make the process of leaving a review as simple as possible. Eliminate any unnecessary details or steps to keep customers interested and deter them from leaving your site.

A great way to encourage customers to leave reviews is by featuring a clickable link on the homepage of your website, in your weekly newsletter, or in the signature field of your emails. Alternatively, you can include calls-to-action at the end of posts for customers to leave reviews.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer when deciding how your reviews process will work, for example, by only sending them a link to review you on Google if they have a Gmail address and by not asking them to log in or verify their identity before leaving a review.

3. Share Reviews On Social Media

When customers add reviews on your site, allow them to share their comments with their friends via social media. This will give your business more exposure and allows it to grow through word of mouth.

Ensure there is a link on your site which allows them to share through their account on social media. If customers aren’t sharing reviews, you can ask for permission and share through your business’s social media pages.

If you are set up as a local business on Facebook, your page should have a ‘reviews’ tab, which you should make visible to customers when they ‘like’ your page. LinkedIn is also a great platform for reviews, where you can ask customers for recommendations that then show up on your business page.

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