3 Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Brick And Mortar Business

Traffic Generation For Brick And Mortar Business

The online world and real world are not much different from one another when it comes to marketing.

Your business needs customers, and you have to find a way to get in front of them to attract them over to your store.

Today we are going to look at three ways that you can generate more traffic to your brick and mortar store.

Run A Coupon Promotion

There is nothing like opening up the mail to find some coupons or discounts that can be had at your local business.

People love to save, even if its a few bucks on something, its a way to make them feel that they got a bit of a break on the price that you offer.

When you offer coupons, people will feel that they have an opportunity to save money on your product or service. To add to this, ensure that there is a limited run on the amount of time that they have to use the coupon to ensure that you add some scarcity to the mix.

Be Part Of A Community Or Marketplace

Marketing on your own is not always easy. At the same time, joining other businesses in a joint campaign helps to get you noticed a lot easier.

Take for example the marketplace that Yocale offers. Businesses come together under one umbrella to be a part of a joint marketplace where they can be easily found by those looking for services that they offer.

Not only that, with the Yocale marketplace, related businesses appear on other pages, so for example a massage therapist would appear on a chiropractors page, thus providing more exposure at no additional cost for the massage therapist.

Offer Free Days

People certainly do like free, this goes without saying.

If at all possible, if there is something small you can offer for free to people, they will have no barrier to entry in order to come into your shop or store.

When you offer something for free, without asking anything in return, people are more open to trying it out, no matter how small.

So if you can take out a small piece of your product and service offerings to give it away for free for a day, this is a great opportunity to allow new clients to know about you and to try you out as well.

When it comes to getting more leads for your physical store, there are a number of things you can do to drive sales and leads.

Trying out a number of these ideas is sure to get people filling up your store in no time.

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