3 Ways to Collect More Online Customer Reviews

3 ways to collect more online reviews

When consumers are searching online for products and services, the availability and content of reviews often becomes the deciding factor in where they choose to buy.  With an online presence, having great customer reviews is extremely valuable for your business, not only to help your search engine ranking but it’s also marketing content that your customers can create for you.  As we all know, being promoted by a client is a lot more powerful than advertising ourselves.

How do you go about getting your customers to actually give you those valuable online reviews without giving them too much hassle?  Here’s 3 ways to take action on this right away so that you can start building this valuable SEO (search engine optimizing) content.

  1. Ask

The simple task of asking clients often becomes the biggest roadblock.  Many business owners and service providers feel hesitant to ask their clients to give them a review as it may be a bother to them. On the contrary, customers are usually very ready to give a review after receiving a service, in appreciation and especially when you mention that their reviews will help support you and your business.  Your first task is to actively ask all your current clients for a testimonial review! (And when they do take the time to do one, make sure you personally thank them!)

2.  Make it really Easy

One reason customers don’t take the time do reviews, is because it can be time consuming and confusing to find and use some review programs.  If you suggest or send the link to a simple-to-use review system and make it extremely easy to give you a star-rating and share a couple words about you, it greatly increases the chance that they will complete the process. Finding a way to automate the process, like a gentle ask and a direct link right in their emailed receipt greatly increases the number of reviews you receive.  Research at Yocale proved the process of asking for a reviews right when the clients receipt is given to them creates goodwill (ie: I sent a receipt, in return, would you please fill out this quick review?). Client reviews greatly increased using the “receipt” method, compared to a separate email asking for a review after the treatment.

3.  Make sure your Reviews are Shared on Social Media

To really get the power out of reviews, a link for your customers to share their words right away to their own network can be extremely valuable.  Make sure there’s a link to share on Facebook or Twitter in the review system your recommending.  If they don’t share, ask if you can! Nobody minds you sharing kind words from your clients on all your social media platforms.  This is marketing gold and can create wonderful interactive content.[bctt tweet=”Customer reviews are marketing gold, make sure you’re collecting them!”]

Generating business through reviews is one of the most rewarding, cost effective methods for small business marketing.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Take action today and start asking your clients, you’ll be surprised how happy they are to help out and it will also be great for you to have a clearer channel for client feedback.  Online reviews are here to stay, so proactively asking your customers will ensure that you’ll maintain a “healthy” online review reputation.

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