8 Tips for Rebooking Your Clients

“How can I get my clients to rebook”?

Indeed, rebooking is an easy way to increase income. By encouraging clients to rebook their next appointment right after they complete their service ensures you’ll keep a nice and steady stream of clientele and income.

It’s estimated that clients who rebook on the day of their service make an average of 30% to 50% more visits per year than clients who don’t.

The good news is that rebooking is good for your clients, too (more on this to come)!

This blog post will cover eight tips to get your clients to rebook.

8 Tips for Rebooking Your Clients

1. Explain the Value of Keeping a Schedule (and Book Multiple Appointments at Once)

One of the first rules of thumb when it comes to rebooking is to educate clients on what it takes to maintain their results in order to keep feeling and/or looking their best. It’s all about setting expectations from the beginning. 

You can explain the benefits of keeping a schedule at the very beginning of the service (like during their consultation), at the end of the service or even both. The key is to tell them exactly how many visits they should make and how many weeks between each visit.

For example, you might say something along the lines of “To maintain the results you’re looking for, I recommend this treatment every four to six months.” Then you can ask them if they’d like to come back on a four or six-month schedule.

Depending on your field, there are also different strategies for approaching this conversation. For estheticians, it can be as simple as putting clients on an actual treatment plan. You might also choose to frame the conversation as a simple “follow-up” appointment to see how clients are doing post-treatment. If you offer any sort of skin care-based services, this is a very effective approach as it actually makes clients feel as though you really care (because you do!).

Do you have a particularly busy client? Tell them that it will benefit them to set up their next appointment in advance. Using phrases like “my weekends are booking up” or “I’d like to see you before the busy holiday rush” can motivate clients.

With Yocale, you can also book multiple appointments at once. Here’s how to add multiple services to your appointments.

2. Frame the Ask in the Right Way (Don’t Give Them the Option to Say No)

Another tip for rebooking clients is to frame it in the right way. Instead of asking clients if they’d like to rebook, simply ask them when they’d like to schedule their next appointment. This moves the conversation from either a yes or no to them telling you when a good time for their next appointment would be.

3. Create a Rebooking Culture!

Take the time to set up clear rebooking guidelines and train all your staff (including reception) on the importance of rebooking so they can reinforce the message. Your front desk should portray your schedule as busy. There’s no incentive to rebook if your calendar is wide open! If your clients don’t know their schedule, pencil them into your schedule now and let them know they can reschedule later. For Yocale users, this is as simple as rescheduling via the client portal.

You will increase your revenues 30% to 50% by consistently pre-booking.

4. Do Email Marketing

Life gets busy, so sometimes clients just need a simple reminder that you exist. Sending out a regular monthly newsletter can help keep you top of mind so clients remember to rebook.

You can include links to your blog posts, relevant news or even various promos you might be currently offering.

5. Offer An Incentive

Try offering a rebooking incentive, such as a percentage off their next visit. For example, some salons offer a maintenance price if they book within four to six weeks. 

Tell them about seasonal promotions ahead of time so you’ve planted a seed for future appointments.

6. Create Stand-Out Moments

At the end of the day, exceptional service will propel clients to book appointments again all on their own. What can you do to really “wow” clients during every single appointment?

Perhaps you might give a head massage or ask what kind of music they’d like to listen to. Whatever the case may be, really focus on going above and beyond.

It’s also really important to build relationships with clients. Use a CRM to track the details of your last conversation and personal information, such as what they do for work or their children’s names. 

If you’re a Yocale user, you can record this information using a note.

7. Ask for Feedback (Send Review Requests and Review Feedback)

If you’re struggling with low rebooking rates, it’s a good idea to seek feedback from your clients. One way to do this is by sending review requests to clients after appointments (in Yocale, you can do this by marking appointments as “Done”).

Make a point of sending these out after each appointment and review feedback regularly. Consider investing in a project management software with a client portal to help streamline communication between your team and clients so that feedback is always addressed.

8. Don’t Push Too Hard

Of course, it’s also important to remember not to push too hard otherwise you might end up with a lot of cancellations. You’ll want to strike the right balance between being passive and pushy.

Wrapping it Up

It’s time to increase one of the most accessible revenue streams in your business. Rebooking warm clients who have just walked out of a great service is one of the easiest sales on the planet! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to provide optimal service with long-lasting results to your clients while building a steady revenue stream for your business. Look at your current rebooking numbers and set a goal to increase that percentage in the next month – you may be surprised how easily you can increase your monthly income!

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