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7 False Fears About Losing Control Of Your Online Booking Schedule That Are Holding You Back

6 fears of online booking

Fear holds you back. And in business, that is not a good thing.

When it comes to online booking for your clients, you want to give them the freedom and the flexibility to be able to book with you when they want, and where they want as well.

And that is why today, we are going to blast through 6 of the biggest fears some may have of setting up, and taking online booking for their businesses.

Fear #1. Schedules Are Going To Be Public

The last thing you want is your client’s privacy exposed to others. And that is a fear that can be eliminated with online booking.

The fact is, when someone goes to your booking calendar, all he or she can see is what time slots you have available for individual services.

As an admin logged into your account, you are the only one who knows and can see your entire calendar and schedule. You can always give access to other staff such as your receptionist or assistant if need be as well.

So there is no need to worry about others seeing the names or details of your other clients that have booked with you.

Fear # 2. Appearing Too Available

Every business wants to be busy all the time.

This is not only good for business, but this form of social proof gives a powerful method to let people know that you are popular and worth visiting.

If your business is not as busy as you would like it to be, and you are worried that prospective clients may see a wide open calendar, fear not, there is a solution.

From within your booking calendar, you can set up blocks of time that people cannot book with you.

What this does on the front end is give off the impression that you are booked up at most times, since people can only see a smaller window of opportunity to book with you.

The plan, once your business gets busier, is that you will not need to do this, but in the interim, there is an option to alleviate this concern.

Fear #3. I Will Not Know Appointments Are Booked

A big reason you would take online bookings in the first place is to allow you to take appointments after hours, and during the day when you are busy doing more important things like growing your business.

So if appointments from clients do come in the last thing you want is to miss them and not know when they are happening.

Moreover, that is a fear that can be put to bed with online booking.

You see, there are numerous ways to get notified of a new and upcoming appointment in your calendar.

First off, once a new appointment is booked, you get an email notifying you. As well, you and your staff get text message reminders when there is an upcoming appointment.

As well, your bookings are stored front and center for you when you sign into your dashboard calendar so you can always see what is new and what’s coming up ahead.

Fear #4. People Will Double Book

Double bookings are never a good thing. Just look at the airline or the hotel industry when they over book; it is not pretty.

The worry about double bookings can be mitigated because of the fact that online booking is very flexible in the way it can be set up.

First off, you can set a service type to be available for one client at any given time. So no matter what service you offer from 1-2pm on Tuesdays, only one person can book that time slot.

Therefore, double booking or over booking a time slot is can be prevented with online appointment scheduling.

Access Your Appointment Calendar From Anywhere

Fear #5. Too Difficult To Set Up

The last thing you want to do is spend hours setting something up which is supposed to save you time at the end of the day while running your business.

Fortunately, the fear of setting up online appointment scheduling software can be put to rest.

The beauty and power of a software system to take appointments is that it is ridiculously simple to set up, and takes minutes.

Once you sign up for your account, you just add your services and pricing, add your staff, set your availability, and add any information that your clients and prospective customers can see about your business., and that is pretty much it.

You can then launch your public calendar and customers can start booking you right away within minutes.

Fear #6. I will Not Have Mobile Access

For many businesses, being on the road and mobile themselves means that they do not have a connection to a desktop computer and need to rely heavily on their smartphones to stay connected to their business.

With the power of the Internet, and your smartphone, you can run your business from anywhere, all from the palm of your hand.

The great thing is, you can view your calendar, book appointments manually, interact with your clients, all from your mobile phone.

So instead of worrying about losing your connection with your business, just bring your phone with you and you will stay connected all of the time.

When you start to break it down, there is no reason that online booking should be holding you back.

When growing your business, you want to use as many instruments in your toolkit as possible to help you scale and grow your business.


Fear #7. I Won’t Be Able to Plan My Week Exactly How I Like it.

Schedule planners can rejoice!  If you don’t like to take new clients on Friday afternoons, or Wednesdays are your special days for a certain type of treatment, you can control

all that in your schedule.  Set it up once and you’ll never have to ponder, squeeze, move and fix your calendar as you go through your week.

Now your calendar can be under more control than ever.  Any provider can create a customized schedule with the types of appointments and specific times they want to offer

them.  This level of control is not standard with most software, but it is with ours.

When it comes to owning your schedule, Yocale is taking control to a whole new level. Not only do you get to set your weekly parameters, you don’t have to do all the work of

filling it in, your clients do that for you!

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