Business Website 101 – How to leverage Google, SEO

Website marketing - SEO

There are many online platforms in 2019 that can help you develop your business. These platforms allow you to attract potential customers. Google is the unbeatable champion Among these platforms. When used properly, Google has built empires out of startups. You can do the same by utilizing it to its full potential. It can build your brand, spread your message, attract customers, and provide their insights your business needs. Here you will learn how to develop your business using Google.

Start by Creating a Website

A website is essential and the foundation of all your digital marketing struggles. Consider it an online office of your business where potential customers will visit. You need to find a developer to build a website that serves your purpose. There are several types of websites, so you need to understand which one you need. 

  • There is ‘Ecommerce Website’ that sells things online. 
  • A ‘Business Website’ gets leads who are potential customers
  • And then there are ‘Blogs’ which are used to provide information or share an opinion.

Having a website creates a space online for you to connect with your customers. Even if its as unique as selling mermaid blanket tails or bike racks for RV’s. Their is a business website for just about anything you can think of on the internet today. Once your website is live Google can add it to its index and start sharing it with the world when they search for it. 

Use Search Engine Optimization

People search for solutions to their every problem on Google – and it processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. You have to understand the problems of your target audience and the solution you can provide. Acquire the help of an SEO expert to let Google know you have the perfect solution to a problem of its users. 

Google answers every user query by showing the most relevant websites. If it believes that your site is suitable and provides the best solution, only then it will show your result at the top. The top results get the most of visitors. The visitors you attract this way are relevant to your business likely to become customers. So the maths is simple; more traffic means more customers. Remember, that you would have an online competition to rank in the top position of search results of Google. You will need a good SEO expert for the job. 

Website SEO

Create Google My Business Account

Google My Business is a service that allows you to list your company as a business. It gives you more control over search results when someone for it on Google. Your potential customers will look for you on the internet, and Google My Business makes it easy for them to find you. This service also allows your customers to write a public review about their experience with you. So if you have good reviews, you will attract more customers. On the other hand, you will lose many of them if negative reviews have dominated your Google business profile. You have to make sure there are great customer/user reviews that outshine any negative reviews there might be. Here you can see how to write a Google review even if you don’t have a Gmail account.

Use Google AdSense

We have discussed a solution and a problem on ranking in the top results of Google. A typical approach is to create great content that provides value and bet on SEO to rank your pages. Another easy and fast method is to utilize Google AdSense. Google will show your ad at the top of the search engine result page when searched a relevant query. This way you won’t have to wait for SEO to get traffic and customers. However, you will be charged per impression or per click on the ad.

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