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Can Employee Management Software Engage Your Workforce?

Employee engagement is key to a company’s success. According to Forbes, companies with the highest employee engagement experience 3.9 times more earnings-per-share growth compared to companies with the lowest engagement. It’s clear that employee participation affects staff morale and impacts how profitable your business is. 

Employee management software fuels and elicits employee feedback, sharing ideas, and recognizing achievements. The use of employee management software is one of the most effective HR strategies. Here’s how management software benefits employee engagement: 

Valuable Training 

Employee management software can build your staffs knowledge base. The software can provide onboarding classes for your new staff. Improve your workforce by providing training for personal and career growth. Training software can provide affordable education while tracking skill growth. The software can update employees on industry trends and the current market climate. For example, your software can schedule a planned negotiating class for sales workers to improve their conversion rates. 

Ensures Smooth Payments

Payroll software ensures you make timely and accurate payments. Employee management software also records the time when employees are working. The software classifies time taken for sick days and vacations. 

With accurate information, the employer can pay the exact amount each employee earned. Wrong payment figures can result in loss of trust of your systems. Accurate payments can build trust with your team and create a healthy working environment. Payroll software removes human error from the process of making payments. Automated payroll saves the company valuable time and money. 

Establish Employee Interaction

Communication is the key to creating an involved workforce. Employee engagement software bridges the gap between management and staff,- gone are the days of printed memos. Most employees prefer the fun, real-time interactions of social platforms. Some types of management software use social media concepts to capture employee feedback in fun and pressure-free ways. Communication software offers instant messaging and voice calls. The instant sharing enables employees to stay in touch in a fun and interactive way. This way of sharing ideas can lead to fruitful brainstorming sessions. Positive interactions and flow of ideas can lead to stronger teams and long-term friendships.

Employees can also communicate with other departments without leaving their posts. This removes the problem of meetings that aren’t needed. Online communication may also promote more focused in-house classes to sharpen employee skills. The ease of engagement promotes a boost in productivity. When employees see fast implementation of ideas, they are likely to take pride in their contribution. In return, the business benefits from having collaborative, engaged employees. Involved employees are more effective compared to an unengaged workforce.

Shift Planning Employee management software allows managers to figure out areas of employee motivation. Managers can determine how employee energy levels change throughout the day. The software can identify the assignments employees perform best. For instance, are the data entry clerks making more entries at the beginning of their shifts or towards the end? Managers can use the data to understand where motivation lies. Managers can use engagement software data to negotiate role changes. An employee tackling different roles may prove to perform better in one and may be weak in another area. The data can point out the need for a promotion or reshuffle. 

For instance, the software can identify skills in one employee that make them suitable for a different role. If the employee was in manufacturing, their skills might be more effective in marketing. Likewise, you can plan shifts and task employees effectively. You can also customize your software with personalized suggestions to improve productivity. For example, an employee may negotiate to work day shifts due to taking a class at night school two days a week. Ensuring she only works day shifts means she can attend her class and keep a regular schedule. In turn, this can improve her productivity and job satisfaction. 

Personalized suggestions can enable employees to perform at their peak ability. Engagement software provides a platform for workers to negotiate flexible shifts. Workers may also negotiate reduced hours and overtime schedules. In the process, you may boost workplace satisfaction

Enhances Transparency

Employee management software allows workers to track their colleagues input. The software may also reveal information on performance and when performance results are public, employees tend to be more competitive. Positive (internal) competition can skyrocket productivity in a company. 

To keep competition healthy, negotiate with your team to establish a reward system. Ensure at the end of specific periods you’ve awarded the best-performing employees. Consider on-the-spot awards to employees who go the extra mile.

Using an employee management software, such as HR Cloud, you can recognize your best performers. HR Cloud enables sending rewards that employees can redeem. The benefits can be in the form of lifestyle perks, such as movie theatre tickets and shopping vouchers. 

The software also highlights the best performers on a leaderboard to inspire others. 

Final Thoughts 

Employee management systems have the potential to thrive employee morality and go above and beyond. Positive inclusion inspires loyalty to the company. Having an unengaged team can be destructive to your business, and may result in lost revenue.

This is a guest post written by Lilou Hoffman 

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