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Everything You Need to Know About Antivirus Programs

Computer viruses share some similarities with actual viruses. While flu season begins late in the fall and closes in February, computer viruses are in full operation throughout the year. 

To safeguard yourself from viruses, you need to get a vaccine once a year before the flu season kicks in.  Simultaneously, to keep your files and computers secure from viruses and threats, you must use antivirus software that gives full protection all year round.  

What is Antivirus Program

Antivirus is a program developed to detect, scan, remove and prevent viruses, PUPs, worms, trojans, and other malicious software.  They are a crucial part of a complex security setup that protects your devices. Every computer user requires an antivirus solution to avert vulnerabilities while surfing the web using third-party applications.  

It secures browsers, plugins, and the whole computer elements from many infections. 

So, Do You Need an Antivirus Software?

Absolutely Yes! As long as computers exist, mischievous youths, cybercriminals, and hackers will try to find effective ways to contravene your security, cause damage to your data, exploit your money, or crack into your system for amusement. 

Therefore, you require antivirus software to protect all your IT assets.

Computer viruses can successfully freeze your systems and bring your primary business operations to a halt. On average, small enterprises can lose up to $ 1.56 million every year to these technical hurdles, in addition to thousands of hours of gone productivity.

Is Windows Defender Sufficient for Your Devices?

No. It’s not prudent to rely on Windows Defender for your Computer’s security. Norton is one the best antivirus software you can rely on to offer you full protection against a wide range of online attacks.

 Windows defender only averts 93% of all virus attacks, while several other excellent antiviruses can effortlessly prevent 96 to 99% of virus threats.

Businesses of all types and sizes are in danger of serious data breaches.

 If you do not have a suitable antivirus program, you escalate data pilferage for your valued clients.  The clients can also have their whole data were stolen, which could make you accountable because their data was stolen from your system.  

How to Choose the Appropriate Antivirus Program

Your company requires a reliable antivirus solution created to safeguard businesses from vulnerabilities. Several free programs are accessible online and most likely through your OS. 

Nonetheless, these programs are not enough to keep your delicate data secure from every malware and virus onslaught out there. 

Alternatively, professionals propose deploying numerous business-grade security solutions.

It’s advisable to get reliable software to effectively protect you from email and web attacks, even from the most expensive and destructive malware. It should also be very user friendly, affordable, and a bit easy to manage. A good antivirus software should offer you quality protection and scanning.

 Features of a Good Antivirus Software

The kind of antivirus program you select has considerable effects on your capability to stave off malware successfully and secure yourself from numerous threats. There are various critical features you must look for in every antivirus program before enacting it across your systems.

 Here’s what you must to look out for in any antivirus software 

1 Should Offer Protection for Different Apps

Many threats live across the range of the various apps you depend on for your daily tasks.  From internet browsers to messenger platforms and email clients, malicious software can creep into your system from different sources.  Good antivirus software must secure the many vulnerable apps from possible threats.

 If this is not the case, you are exposing your system to killer threats. 

2 Real-time Scanning

 While all antivirus programs are developed to notice the presence of malware, they differ in detecting.

Unsuccessful software causes you to manually run a scan to see whether the system has been infected. The best software has powerful scanning features that are occasionally checking your devices for the presence of viruses.  

In the absence of this feature, it’s effortless for nasty things to infiltrate your devices and start wreaking havoc before you even know it.

3 It Should Fight all Kinds of Malware

From bots to trojans, viruses, and spyware, several malware types are harmful to your devices. But some antivirus software is created to target a particular kind of malicious software only.

It’s prudent to go for software that extensively detects almost all malware types to secure your sensitive data.

4 Automatic Updates

Updates are critical for all types of software but it even more essential to antivirus programs.  As new types of malware are created continuously, antivirus software requires periodic updates to contain and track new threats.

Hackers depend on human vulnerabilities, or user mistakes that can expose delicate data or unlock the door for unwelcome access. These vulnerabilities can be repeated or weak passwords, or reckless downloading of harmful software. 

If you have to install new updates manually, you may miss critical new protections and make your system vulnerable to infection.  Always ensure your antivirus program can install updates frequently and automatically. 

5 It should Auto-Clean

A reliable antivirus program should delete the code of malicious software on the spot when it detects it.  It should not quarantine the malware waiting for you; the user to delete it manually.

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