How do I get my Facebook Handle and Other Social Media Identifiers?

facebook, twitter and other social media platforms- handle

In order to show your latest twitter, facebook and other social media updates on Yocale, you should enter this information into the “Social Media” dialogue under “Tools”.

This is how you can find your social media handle or identifier:


For Twitter, it’s easy, just enter your Twitter handle (e.g. @yocalenetwork or yocalenetwork), and we will get your latest updates from that twitter account and show them on your Yocale booking page.

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For Instagram, it’s easy, just enter your Instagram User Name (e.g. yocale), rest we will do it for you, we will get your latest updates from that Instagram account and show them on your Yocale Public Profile page.


For Facebook, because of Facebook’s privacy rules, we can only show updates from Facebook pages and not personal Facebook profiles (See the difference here: )

If you have a facebook page and want to include updates from that page, you would have to enter your Facebook ID. A Facebook ID is in the format of numbers, e.g. 167505060126596 is the Facebook ID for Yocale’s Facebook page.

To get your Facebook ID:

The easiest way to get your Facebook ID is as follows:

Go to your Facebook wall page (Click on your name on the top left side of the page)

Copy the URL for your Facebook profile

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Go to

Paste your Facebook wall profile into this Page

Click on “Lookup Facebook ID”

From there, copy the number that appears, and paste that number into your Social Media Facebook account field in Yocale.

Click “Save” to save the profile information.


YouTube requires a channel ID in order to show the videos in that channel.

In order to get your channel ID;

Go to YouTube and make sure you are logged in to your account

On the top right side of the page, click on the Account link

Click on the Settings button

Click on the “Advanced” Link to get to the ID page

Copy and Paste the Channel ID number into Yocale.


Your Flickr ID is different from your user ID for Flickr. It looks similar to the following format:  7891794@N07

The easiest way to find this ID is to copy and paste your customized photo stream web address into this site:

Once you enter your web address, the site will tell you what your FlickrID is.

To get your Flickr photo stream address;

  • Login to Flickr
  • Click on your buddy Icon (photo on top right side of the page)
  • Click on “Settings”
  • On the resulting page, your Photostream ID should be displayed midway down the page.


For Google+, it’s easy, just enter your Google+ Account name (e.g. +Yocalenetwork), and we will get your latest updates from that Google+ account and show them on your Yocale booking page.

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