Introducing Yocale Pay: Our Mission to Reduce High Payment Processing Costs

Yocale Pay is here! Here’s everything you need to know about what our new release means for you. In a nutshell, we’ve set out to lower your payment processing costs and bring you stylish, modern and reliable point-of-sale (POS) options. (Plus, if you’ve ever wished for inventory management or more reporting capabilities [and we know you have!], our most advanced POS option will come with the ability to add these services to your current Yocale subscription).


Meet Yocale Pay, our latest release: part payment processor, part POS. 

For the past six+ months, our team has been working on one of our biggest releases of the past year. You may have already heard rumblings, but we’re finally ready to officially share the news! 

The short version is that we’ve been on a mission to reduce some of the costs needed to run your business. And for us, that meant payment processing. Our co-founder says it best:

"Our mission has always been supporting local, brick-and-mortar businesses and equipping them with the same tools and technology available to the bigger businesses. Yocale Pay is the latest extension of that. We’re bringing corporate leverage to smaller businesses in the form of wholesale rates so businesses can reduce some of their operating costs."

The second half of Yocale Pay is the POS side. And on that front, we’ve partnered with the greatest in the payment space to bring you the best of the best. Plus, there’s inventory management, reporting and so much more!


Why We Decided to Launch Yocale Pay 


     1. To Reduce Payment Processing Costs 

The first reason was to reduce the needlessly high payment processing costs businesses pay – many not always even realizing just how much they’re paying. 

Between the recent impact of supply chains and other COVID-related issues, we know your costs have risen in almost every area of your business. With recent payment processing spikes on top of it, we know how you’ve been affected. 

Payments shouldn’t be one of these areas!


The thing about the payment processing world is that it’s complex. Some would even say this is by design to keep things confusing and overwhelming for business owners. 

Between different pricing models and so many hidden fees, most businesses are paying much more than they should. With markups, this figure could be as high as 3.5%. This could translate to as much as $5,000 a year if you’re processing high volumes.

Although more and more payment processors are advertising “no hidden fees,” we have found that these fees are often just bundled into the base price.

So, our mission was simple: to make the world of payment processing more transparent. This means giving you a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. Once we see your statements, we’ll be able to tell you where you’re overpaying. 


Between reduced hardware costs, reduced monthly fees and wholesale rates, you’ll typically see up to a 30% reduction in payment processing-related fees.

Plus, we’ll give you an apples-to-apples comparison of your previous bills so you can see how your processing costs would have compared if you were on Yocale Pay for that same period. 

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Bringing Greater Transparency to the World of Payment Processing

With Yocale Pay, we wanted to do something different. While there are fees associated with processing (we tell you this in the name of transparency), there will never be any hidden fees. We’ll always tell you exactly what fees you’re paying, which is what makes us different in the payment space.

(By and large, though, we have done our best to reduce these fees. There are no cancellation/early-termination fees, no minimum monthly fees or American Express surcharge fees to name just a few).

There are also no contracts. 

2. To Bring You Stylish, Super Modern POS Options

We really did want to bring you the best of the best when it comes to POS systems. We know this is an important touchpoint, and our hardware really does combine beautiful design and the latest technology.

Another area where our hardware excels is in its reliability. We know how frustrating it can be when hardware breaks, so we partnered with industry leaders who are going beyond the traditional terminal in order to bring enhanced reliability. 

3- To Bring Features You’ve Been Waiting For

Reporting, Inventory Management, Marketing, Employee Management and More.

The third and final piece of Yocale Pay is the added functionality that some of our POS options will bring. This includes reporting, true inventory management, marketing and even employee management.

These features are not part of Yocale’s suite but will come as an add-on in partnership with companies like Talech.

Here is an example of what our most advanced POS option will bring:

  • More Robust Reporting. Real-time reporting will now extend across revenue, inventory, staff and marketing. You’ll be able to see your yearly earnings in one dashboard!

It will also include insights, like the top five sellers of the week. Here is a snapshot of our most advanced POS reporting dashboard:

  • True Inventory Management. Until the launch of Yocale Pay, our inventory management capabilities were on the light side. You’d also have to contact customer support to make any changes (which we recognize can be a nuisance).

But that’s no longer the case.

Yocale Pay will come with complete inventory management; not only will you be able to manage inventory on your own but you’ll also be able to do all of the things that come with a true inventory management solution, like real-time inventory tracking, inventory alerts and multi-location product sync (a game-changer for businesses like tattoo studios!).

  • More Marketing Features. Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, Email Marketing Campaigns, Automated Discounts/Offers and more. Now you can sell gift cards (both e-cards and physical cards) and even get a detailed history of sales. 

You can also roll out a loyalty program, with the option to choose between visit, spend or reward pool loyalty programs in either physical or digital reward card formats. Once again, you can also track this usage. You can even send email marketing campaigns!

From the register, you’ll be able to create discounts to automatically trigger at specific days and times or even show more advanced offers like buy one shampoo and get one free. 

  • Employee Management (Clock-In and Timesheets). You can also track employee hours with the clock-in feature. You can set overtime rules and track performance with tips and sales per employee – all visible from your POS without a custom report. You’ll be able to make quick adjustments, too.
  • Sync with QuickBooks Accounting Software. Many of our terminals also sync with QuickBooks, which is a plus for many businesses out there. 
Need more features?

Book a demo and we will prepare an exclusive demo, tailored for your needs.

Try Yocale Pay

So, that’s the story of Yocale Pay. 

Whether you’re interested in reducing your payment processing costs, upgrading your current POS or you’re unhappy with your current devices (or customer service!), we wanted to address all of these things with Yocale Pay.

If you’re interested in Yocale Pay, fill out this short form here OR email us three months of statements at

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