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Reserve with Google: Be Discovered And Booked By Google Users

Reserve with Google

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, August 10, 2019

Yocale, a leading scheduling software, has collaborated alongside Google to launch Reserve with Google.

Reserve with Google makes it easier for Google users to find a range of new services and classes in their local area and to book these appointments quickly and easily through Google’s search results and Google Maps.

They get to see real-time availabilities right from Google.

From a business perspective, Reserve with Google will allow businesses to increase their visibility and radically increase their bookings by taking advantage of Google’s massive user base.

Users will now see a “Book Now” button instead of a standard business name and contact number, which will act as a call-to-action. Users can book these services with the click of a single button.

If you consider that 90% of online searches cause people to make a specific action within 5 to 10 minutes means that this partnership is a major development for local businesses.

Online search powers and drives businesses today. People are finding the services they need through powerhouse search engines like Google.

Reserve with Google puts local businesses out in front. Visibility increases, bookings increase and businesses grows.

Yocale’s co-founder and CEO, Arash Asli, says that “We are creating a unique and effective marketing engine that Beauty/Fitness & Wellness businesses can use to enhance their brand and connect to a larger audience of high-value customers.”

This service is completely free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for Yocale’s free scheduling software, which you can do here.

Free Online Scheduling Software

How Reserve with Google Works

Reserve with Google is simple for both members and businesses. For members, they just have to search for a specific business or service through Google (either Google Search, Google Maps or the Reserve with Google website).

Google will show them all of their options along with real-time availabilities. All they need to do is click on the time that suits their schedule. They also have the option to pay for the service through Google as well.

If the user searches for a specific business, the Google Business listing will have a “Book Now” button. If the user uses Google Wallet and has their credit card information stored with them, they can use that to pay.

This adds even more convenience to the booking process, which again serves to increase bookings for businesses.

Once the transaction is complete, the booking goes straight to the businesses’ schedule – it’s that instant. The booking will send out a confirmation e-mail/text, along with reminders of upcoming appointments to both parties.

What Businesses Can Benefit?

Reserve with Google is be open to Yocale’s users based in over 35+ countries who have beauty, wellness, fitness, automotive or professional services based businesses.

Eventually, every appointment-based appointment will be able to benefit from Reserve with Google. As of now, only medial based businesses do not qualify for Reserve with Google. Check back in with Yocale for any major developments.

Free Online Scheduling Software

Why Businesses Need To Use Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google is going to revolutionize appointment-based businesses.

• Increase Your Visibility and Get More Bookings

Google powers business today. When people are looking for a product or a service, whether they’re looking to make a hair appointment or they’re looking for a fitness class, they now have the ability to search for actual recommendations in their area.

This increases visibility immediately.

The fact that users now have the ability to book those services right then and there – that’s the key component that’s going to drive bookings for businesses.

Again, this goes back to the fact that most online searches cause people to make a specific action within minutes.

When making appointments online is easy, bookings increase. Businesses grow. It’s as simple as that.

• Become a Premium Service Provider

For businesses who are not yet offering online bookings, giving your clients this option makes you a premium service provider. 90% of clients want the ability to book their services online.

After all, online booking is much more convenient – people can book appointments at hours that are best for them.

As a result, businesses become a premium service provider in the process. Many businesses are realizing this, which means that online bookings are quickly becoming a necessity. Businesses need to offer this service to become competitive in the marketplace.

This article offers a more in-depth look at why businesses need to take online appointments.

Edgemont Massage - Reserve with Google

Benefits of Reserve with Google For Members

Reserve with Google makes it possible for Yocale members and users to book the services they want with extreme ease. In fact, see just how easy it is in this video tutorial.

• Fast and Easy Booking

Users can see real-time availabilities from Google. Users don’t have to waste time making calling their service providers to see what time their salon has available.  

This is followed by the fact that users can book appointments in one-easy step right from Google. They get reminders on their phone. Booking is easy and fast.

• Location-Based Booking

If members are going to be in a certain area and have some time on their hands, they can use Google Maps to find all of the businesses in that particular area, along with their real-time availability right on Google Maps.

• Discover Businesses Right Around The Corner

Reserve with Google makes it possible to search for recommendations based on your own interests. Whether they’re interested in massage parlors, salons, yoga studios, mechanic shops, accountants or many others, Google users and members can find businesses around the corner from them that they didn’t even know existed.

About Yocale

Yocale is the leading online scheduling software for local users to find and make appointments and for businesses to get booked.

In addition to their scheduling software, Yocale offers an extensive suite of business management tools to streamline businesses, reduce their costs and increase their efficiency.

How To Sign Up

To sign up for Reserve with Google, sign up for Yocale’s free scheduling software, which you can do hereBusinesses can start for free.

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