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Reserve With Google – Why Your Business Needs To Be Listed

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Do you want to rapidly increase your number of client bookings and appointments? Of course you do.

In a nutshell, that’s exactly why you need Reserve with Google. It’s the equivalent of putting your business on websites like or Expedia. No more worrying about how to increase traffic to your own website.

The concept is a simple one, most people don’t go to a company’s website to book services. This is evident in the power Google search has over other forms of marketing. The same applies to services – and now Google is taking over that arena by offering a centralized platform where you can just go in and get your services booked in as little as a handful of steps.

Those websites already have an incredible amount of traffic that you can take advantage of.

The difference between Reserve with Google and sites like Expedia, however, is that people can book your services directly from the Google search engine itself. Now that’s powerful.

Google is every business’s best asset, but if you’re an appointment-based business, Reserve with Google takes it to an entirely different level in terms of what it can do for your client bookings.

Now, Google isn’t only displaying your business in its search results. It’s essentially booking those services, too.

How Reserve With Google Works

If you aren’t yet caught up to speed with Reserve with Google, allow us to take a couple of moments to explain how it works. In brief, Reserve with Google is a partnership between Yocale, which offers scheduling software for appointment-based businesses, and Google.

Reserve with Google now makes it possible for clients to book services straight from Google Search and Google Maps.

When users search for a particular service on Google, they will see real-time availabilities and an icon with the ability to book the service straight from Google.

Just about every business can be listed, from hair salons, gyms, dog walkers, spas and many more appointment-based businesses. If you’re outside of the medical field, you can take advantage of this revolutionary partnership.

Reserve with Google is already available to US-based businesses and it is coming to Canada in 2018.

Did we mention that it’s free? All you need to do is sign up for a Yocale account.

Catch up on our original press release and exciting announcement about Reserve with Google – it will give you all of the details you need if you’re just catching up to speed now.

Why Your Business Needs To Be Listed

  • Rapidly Increase Your Bookings

Here’s the thing. Let’s assume that you are already offering online bookings to your clients. If you aren’t, though, it’s imperative you start as soon as possible. Here’s why, briefly:

Remember, 90% of customers want to book online; as such, it makes you a premium service provider. Offering online bookings results in more appointments and more savings. Consider, for example, that scheduling software decreases no-shows by as much as 80 percent.

In any case, we digress. All of this is to say that putting your business out in front on a platform like Google – and giving customers the ability to book straight from Google – is going to increase your visibility and massively increase your bookings.

Remember, customers aren’t navigating to a third-party website in order to book your services. They are now able to book services straight from Google itself.

Here’s the thing. It goes back to Business 101. When you make it extremely easy for people to book or buy, people buy more and book more. When you add additional steps and make things unnecessarily lengthy or complicated, customers get frustrated and give up.

That’s why Reserve with Google is so powerful. It meets customers exactly where they already are.

We all know that Google is a powerhouse. So, it goes without saying that their booking services are extremely fast and easy, just as you’d expect from Google. In fact, users can book services with a mere click of a button or two. For those with Google Wallet, payment is even snappier.

When someone searches for a particular business online, they don’t have to navigate away from the search results page. It means that you, the business, have eliminated all of those unnecessary barriers that get in the way of people being able to book the services they want.

Again, not only can they book the service right then and there but they can also see everything they need to see about your business as well, including pricing options and, of course, real-time availabilities.

In short, Reserve with Google meets your customers where they are; it eliminates all of those barriers and makes the booking process easy and fast. This winning combination is what is going to dramatically increase your bookings and grow your business.

  • Puts Your Business Ahead Of The Competition

Despite Reserve with Google’s massive benefits for appointment-based businesses, there are going to be some businesses that are inevitably going to be a bit slow to jump on the bandwagon. It happens.

But while they’re snoozing, that means a lot more business for you.

When people search for a particular service and see that they can book that service straight from Google (not to mention see the real-time availabilities and the price), of course they are going to choose your business over others that aren’t listed.

Could you be bothered to call the hair salon and wait for them to coordinate their schedule in order to be able to finally tell you when they can pencil you in?

Probably not.

  • Become A Premium Customer Service Provider (Next Level)

Yes, offering online bookings makes you a premium customer service provider. But listing your business with Reserve with Google – a new feature – is going to take that to the next level. Customers will be impressed.

How To Sign Up

In case you missed the details above, all you need to do is sign up for an account with Yocale, which you can do here. Again, it’s completely free for businesses. Click the large green button at the top right hand of the screen that says ‘Sign Up Free’

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, there’s really no downside to listing your business with Reserve with Google, so how could you pass by an opportunity to get even more bookings and grow your business?

For more information, you can also read Google’s original Reserve with Google blog post.

If you have any questions about Reserve with Google, please leave them in the comments below. We would be happy to answer them.

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