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Still Using Spreadsheets? Here’s How Private Landlords Can Benefit From Yocale

Landlord tenant software

Landlords have a lot on their plates right now, with issues ranging from everyday concerns to questions about a rapidly changing marketplace. Changing legislation presents the potential for nationwide rent controls. Even without new problems, there are always maintenance concerns, inspections, and other issues to fill up your days (and spill over into your nights)! 

In the current environment, many landlords are finding themselves being forced to take cost-cutting measures. In the US, an astounding 73% of landlords opt to handle everything themselves rather than using property managers. In the UK, there’s a similar trend. As landlords feel the pinch of increasing taxes and higher mortgage costs, 64% of those surveyed mentioned that they’d consider moving to online letting agents to locate their next tenant, rather than paying for a full-time property manager. 

If you’re among those heading out into the rental world on your own, you’ll want to make organization a top priority. Yocale can help you navigate appointments and so much more. Give these features a try and regain your personal time. 

  1. Online booking calendar 

Arrange meetings with tenants, stay on top of maintenance and repairs, and meet up with prospective renters who’d like to view your property with the Yocale online booking calendar. Fully customizable and easy to manage from wherever you happen to be, this smart, simple tool lets you see everything at a glance. No more searching for open time slots! 

  1. Client management 

Simple record keeping, all in one easily accessed space? We’ll help you keep up! Use Yocale client records to manage everything from tenancy documents to receipts, tenant requests, and more. This useful tool makes it easy to track tenant data. Link each tenant’s emails, texts, and other communications to their profile, create reports, and manage rental payments. 

  1. Business management 

Securely automate your business in the cloud. The Yocale business management suite is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which 90% of Fortune 500 companies use to keep sensitive data safe. 

This is your one-stop spot for creating business reports and keeping track of requirements, legalities, and obligations. Real-time reporting fuels your decision-making process, and custom reports present data based on criteria you’ve determined yourself. Integrate your calendar and other tools, then manage your rental business on the go using whichever device you prefer from wherever you happen to be. 

  1. Point of sale

Tired of taking paper checks to the bank? Yocale point of sale gives you one more option for accepting rental payments and taking deposits via Stripe. Save time, money, and your sanity: Instantly track and record business transactions and run reports whenever it’s most convenient. Input client billing information and keep track of taxes, then complete receipts and send them to your clients all from one simple, easy-to-access portal. Want to build in recurring payments to simply even further? This tool makes it foolproof. Your renters have the option of using cards, bank accounts, checks, physical card payments, and even cash. 

This tool helps you track and manage your business expenses, too. Easily handle fees associated with repairs and insurance, purchase furnishings and fixtures. You can even pay taxes with ease. 

Bespoke landlord software can be costly, and spreadsheets are archaic. Rental agents handle your business for you but unless you’ve got more than a handful of units, you may find their services to be cost-prohibitive. With Yocale, you get easy access to all the features you need in one simple, portable place. Get a free demo and try it for yourself! 

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