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Why Your Appointment Book Is Costing You Thousands

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Some of us do things on paper and some of us do things digitally, but when it comes to appointment bookings, sadly the old-fashioned way just isn’t going to cut it. Continuing to use a paper-based appointment book is costing you time and money.

Using a digital calendar is more efficient, allowing you to track appointments online and manage multiple clients and appointments with little stress. In this blog post, we outline the three main reasons why your appointment book is costing you thousands and why you should ditch it once and for all.

You’re Not Building A Client Database

Your clients are assets to your business, some of which have been coming to you for years. Neglecting to collect their data means you can’t keep in touch or maintain accurate records, affecting how well you can market your products and the level of service your business can provide.

Building a digital client database makes your business more valuable if and when you come around to selling it, and better prepares you to communicate with customers and invite them to revisit your business. You should try to include more than just names and numbers, instead setting up a database that lists services paid for, dates and frequency of visits.

You’re Not Letting Customers Share Information With Friends

Social media is an extremely powerful tool, not just for the exposure of your brand, but also as a communication tool. Having a digital appointment booking system means you can add social share buttons which will allow customers to share their appointment with friends on Facebook.

Once a customer has had their first service with you, encourage them to review your business on social media in order to build momentum for your services. Creating a rewarding referral program is a great incentive for users to mention you to their networks.

It’s Taking Too Much Time To Book Appointments

Customers often get frustrated when phoning to make an appointment, either because they have to leave a voicemail or the person they spoke to forgets to call them back, for example. This not only deters those customers from booking in future but also takes away valuable time that can be spent on other more important tasks.

Giving customers the option to book online means they can see what’s available and the best timeslot which will fit into their schedule. The business owner is in full control of their schedule and no longer needs to spend hours moving appointments around since the customers are only able to select available time slots.

Open up your appointment book to let your clients browse your available schedule from any device, at any time they find it convenient.

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