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Why Your Online Business Calendar Needs A Powerful CRM

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Customers are the driving force behind businesses of any kind.

Without them, your business cannot hope to exist. However, without understanding them, your business cannot expect to grow.

In 2012, a study found that three out of four consumers said that they’ve spent more with a company because of a positive customer experience.

The most successful businesses in the world know this – and that’s why companies pour millions of dollars into customer relations management, or CRM for short. So, how do you improve your customer experience?

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t exactly mind-readers. We usually need evidence and data to influence our decision making – especially in the business world.

Well, CRM offers precisely that – detailed insights into customer trends and relations. By studying your customer base, you can become more attentive to their needs and therefore, provide them with an improved overall experience.

And despite what other companies are spending, getting a better understanding of your customers doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Online business calendars like Yocale don’t just organize and manage your appointments – they also provide a robust, all-in-one CRM solution.

By automatically creating personalized profiles for your customers that allow for custom notes, comments, and alerts, scheduling software keeps you organized and on-top of your client base like never before.

So whether you’re already using software for your business, or are just beginning to toy around with the idea – here are a few reasons why a business calendar with CRM support can rock your world!

Get The Big Picture With Advanced Data and Reporting

As your business grows and evolves over time, so will your clientele. As faces come and go, schedules shift, and staff rotates, you might be left wondering – what does the bigger picture look like?

One major advantage to calendar software that supports CRM is that it offers just that – the bigger picture. Because it can log, store, and manage your appointments and clients, it can simultaneously weave together insightful reports to keep you in-tune with your business, past and present.

From the number of clients booked, to their individual payment history, and past purchases – all the relevant data you could want is at your fingertips.

Once you’ve gotten a better grasp on any observable trends in your past, you can use this data to strategize for your future. This might include promoting a popular product to your customers who have previously purchased similar ones or offering discount codes for specific services.

With advanced customer data and reporting, the options are endless, and your future is bright!

Gauge Client Reputation

For service-based businesses built on appointments, built-in CRM features are essential. And yet – not all software offers them! Business calendars that don’t support CRM only make your business life more difficult by forcing you to rely on other, additional software.

With a business calendar that does support CRM, your clients aren’t just names attached to their appointments times. They’re human beings, reputable to varying degrees – and software can score them accordingly.

This works by scoring the scores of troublesome clients that are often late or frequently miss their appointments – so you and your staff will have a better idea of what to expect.

Don’t worry, software isn’t here to judge! Being equipped with direct, dynamic information on clients is merely a valuable asset that no business should be without.

The best scheduling software even keeps score of a client’s reputation spanning all of their appointments with applicable businesses, not just yours!

Automatic Client Profiles, Synced With Your Schedule

Even the most attentive staff member can sometimes forget crucial information about a client. Whether a client has a favorite product or special requests for a service, nobody can be expected to remember everything.

With scheduling software, there’s no need to! Nor is there any reason to complicate matters by managing your appointments and customers using different systems or applications.

A business scheduler with CRM features built-in automatically creates or modifies a client profile when a booking is scheduled. Not only does this make your schedule more transparent – but it also allows you to add comments, notes, and attach documents to any client’s profile, right from your schedule.

This eliminates the need to go from consulting your calendar, to your client records, and wherever else relevant data is stored. By consolidating your appointments and customer data, you save time and energy – making it effortless to check-in and re-familiarize yourself with your clients.

With easy access to personal data and notes, you’ll feel primed and ready for your upcoming appointments. In return, your clients will love the perceived increase in attentiveness and care!

Self-Service For Your Clients

The difference between good customer service and excellent customer service often comes down to the degree of customer choice.

These days, there is a growing demand for self-service regarding the appointment booking process. Clients want the ability to take control and book at their convenience.

Thankfully, scheduling software doesn’t just offer unbridled functionality on your end – it also allows for your customers to log in and easily cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Your clients will love the flexibility and privilege of self-service – and in return, you and your staff will be less distracted by constant phone calls in regards to tentative appointments. It’s a win-win!

We hope this post has shed some light on the importance of CRM as well as the versatility and power offered by an all-in-one business scheduler!

For more business strategy – online and off – keep up with us here at the Yocale blog, five days a week.

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