Yocale Getting Ready To Release The Winners For The 2016 Book Local Community Choice Awards


Yocale is set to release the winners of the 2016 Book Local Community Choice Awards to much excitement and anticipation.

Right from the start, Yocale has been on a mission to bring people the perfect way to discover and book appointments with the top local businesses through the #BookLocal community initiative.

The 2016 Yocale Book Local Community Choice Awards this year will highlight and promote local businesses that are the leaders in their respected industries, who continually provide exceptional customer service to their clients on a regular basis and are frontrunners in their communities.

CEO and Co-founder of Yocale, Arash Asli, recently said, “The 2016 winners have raised the bar this year, and set new standards for commitment within their community. The Book Local Community Choice Award is a testament to the professionalism given, while striving to continually exceed their client’s expectations. We are very excited to be a part of this, as it shows that the community support is alive and well. People are very close to their neighbourhoods, and the #BookLocal initiative shows this.”

Businesses should make it a priority to always surpass their customers expectations. This is a given. The ones that do this day in and day out not only see the positive results in their business’s growth, but can further see the satisfaction level of the ones that they are servicing, their customers.

These businesses are now ambassadors in their own local community, which creates a win-win-win for consumers, businesses, and the community alike.

Stay tuned for further details coming soon.

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