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Build a Never-Ending Stream of Clients for Your Service Business

Implement these 5 Powerful Processes and you’ll see your calendar will fill with not only re-occurring bookings from your current clients, but a constant intake of new clients.
1. Set up a simple-to-use online booking process and make it easy for your clients to find and book you.  Not only does this save you time on the phone but it also helps your search-engine ranking (ie: SEO) because every time someone comes and searches for you or requests an appointment, it adjusts your “popularity” score with sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo bringing you higher on their lists of active and valuable sites.
2. Make sure your clients get text/email reminders of their appointments and also give them valuable and educational updates with a monthly newsletter.
3. Automatically ask for reviews and/or testimonials after each treatment and make the process very user-friendly and painless. This will build a constant repertoire of fresh content that new clients will read.  Data shows that current reviews are some of the first pieces of prospective clients read in helping them decide to purchase or contact you.
4. Share and allow your clients to share those valuable reviews on social media. Let them become your greatest advertisers.
5. Give referral rewards and thank your customers who are helping you. Go the extra mile to surprise and gift your raving fans.
These 5 tools can easily be automated and implemented with an all-inclusive clinic management system. They all are based on creating systems and allowing your clients to help build your online presence without extra work for you.
Your clients are your greatest asset when it comes to marketing and it’s important to use their bookings and reviews to build your content and online ranking.  Let these systems work FOR you, so you can get back to doing what you’re really great at, taking great care of your clients!

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