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Elena's Medi Spa Success Story After Using Yocale

The owner and a certified technician

When I first started to get busy it felt great, but very quickly became overwhelming. During business hours I was with my clients, and after hours I spent answering calls, texts, and emails. The unfortunate part of the delay from the time I received a request until the time I got a chance to respond was that they would often find a different place to go, so my retention rates were low. This made the cost of customer acquisition very high and required a constant marketing budget to attract new clients.


Medical Spa


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Company Size

Solo Business

Lack of integration between appointment management and client databases.

Limited customer service availability during work hours, only receiving appointments through phone calls.

Yocale’s ultimate digital entrance (Online Booking)

Yocale’s cloud-based client relationship management feature (CRM)

About Elena's Medi Spa

Elena’s Medi Spa, located in Vancouver, British Columbia’s picturesque Kitsilano neighborhood, has been providing high-quality skin care treatments since 2000. By combining cutting-edge medical procedures with a relaxing spa setting, Elena’s Medi Spa distinguishes itself from other day spas.

Business Needs/Challenges

Incoming calls, emails, and text messages proved challenging for Elena’s Medi Spa to manage, especially after hours. A significant portion of their time was consumed by managing their calendar, administrative tasks like payments, client communications, and record-keeping as a result of the growing number of appointment requests and new clients. Elena’s Medi Spa realized the need for an automated solution to streamline operations and minimize administrative burdens in order to save time and money.

Previously, we had a dedicated secretary for whom we paid a substantial salary because I didn’t find a system that could do what a human could do. However, we encountered difficulties as their dedication to our company declined. Appointment availability became unpredictable, with little regard for our preferences or needs. That is when I realized the power of regaining control. I regained complete control of our scheduling process by embracing Yocale. Now I can use those funds to improve our services and give our clients the best possible experience.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale introduced Elena’s Medi Spa to its online appointment scheduling and client management system, improving their customer experience and time management practices. Elena’s Medi Spa saw a significant increase in conversion rates and the number of appointment bookings after integrating the simplicity of using the Yocale book button onto their website. She also received positive feedback from her clients about how special it is to have control over their appointments on their own portal. In addition, the comprehensive client management system provided them with a streamlined platform for handling payments, managing client details, communications, and all appointment histories.

The convenience that an online platform provides for my clients motivates me to use it. They can easily book appointments, whether they have a busy schedule or work in nightclubs. They can book at any time, even at one o’clock in the morning or three o’clock in the afternoon, and they will not have to wait for me. When I discovered Yocale, I felt confident in allowing people to book through the platform. They no longer have to wait for me and can book appointments whenever they want, which has increased my business through high customer retention.

Other Benefits

In addition to online appointment scheduling and client management, Elena’s Medi Spa has also experienced significant improvements by implementing automatic SMS and email reminders. These features have led to a noticeable reduction in both no-shows and cancellations, enhancing the overall efficiency of the spa. What’s more, clients have the added convenience of filling out online intake forms through reminder emails before their appointments. This integration has streamlined the online forms as well as elevated the overall experience for their valued clients.

Our customers appreciate the convenience of receiving timely reminders, which allows them to effortlessly stay on top of their appointments. Even better, they can now conveniently pay their deposits through these reminders, which streamlines and simplifies the entire process. Our operational efficiency has increased thanks to the integration of this automation, and our customers have reported an improved overall experience.

38% Increase Bookings

81% Returning Clients

99% Show Up

Final Thoughts

Yocale customer support team has been incredibly helpful, attentive, and committed to seeing that we succeed from the beginning. Their customer service representatives have always responded quickly and gone above and beyond to meet our needs whenever we have had inquiries, worries, or needed assistance. They have truly excelled in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and genuine concern for our company. Yocale’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has made for a seamless experience.

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