Eternity Laser & Skincare Success Story After Using Yocale

Eternity Skincare ​success story
Preet Rehal
CEO, a certified esthetician, and a certified laser technician

Files grew over the past few years and, of course, the dreaded task of filing away the files alphabetically was another beast of its own.




Surry, BC, Canada

Company Size

Small business

Disorganization due to a build of paper files

Excessive time involved in maintaining paper files

Yocale’s cloud-based client relationship management feature (CRM)

About Eternity Laser

Eternity Laser & Skincare is a laser hair removal and skincare business. They specialize in pain-free laser hair removal as well as body contouring (using radio frequency and ultra-sound technology) as well as exclusive facials such as the JetPeel Pro and HydraFacial MD. It was founded in 2011 by Preet Rehal, a certified esthetician and laser technician and Vina Rehal, an entrepreneur.

Business Needs/Challenges

In 2016, Eternity Laser was struggling with an excess of paper files and notepads, with filing having become a particular chore. A lot of unnecessary time was spent on managing the excess files, and Eternity Laser knew they needed to move to a cloud-based system that could be accessed remotely if needed.

Starting from a home-based business in 2011, we did things very traditionally with paper files and lots of notepad paper. Files grew over the past few years and, of course, the dreaded task of filing away the files alphabetically was another beast of its own. We wasted a lot of time on this and that’s where we met Yocale!

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale introduced Eternity Laser to its client relationship management feature. This feature allows clients to store client details like birthdays and alerts as well the client’s appointment history, forms/documents, notes, invoices and receipts all electronically. As a cloud-based platform, the software is accessible from any location and from any device.

We found that storing a file for each client on Yocale and being able to fill in notes on their profile helped us save paper! Not only did we save paper but we also saved time and, most of all, it kept us organized.

Other Benefits

In addition to Yocale’s client relationship management feature, Eternity Laser has also seen a lot of benefits from Yocale’s text message appointment reminders, helping them to retain clients and have little to no cancelations. Those who are not as text savvy can opt-in for emails.

Yocale has helped us save so much – especially time. We have been with Yocale for about ten years and it’s been great. New innovations, invoice tracking, text confirmations, email confirmations and online booking options wrapped up into one user-friendly application. It has been a godsend.


Has gone digital with its paper files. 


Average clients return every year.


Reduction in cancelations.


Total bookings increase, with ten percent being new clients.

Final Thoughts

I love Yocale for many reasons. Their customer support is off the charts, even after hours I’ve received an email back. I love the chat wizard on the platform with live techs to assist. I enjoy how user-friendly this platform is and how training my new hires is very easy due to the way the platform is laid out. My ratings for Yocale would be a 10 through and through. I would like to see a mass text option to our entire database option in the near future.

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