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HappiDog Training Success Story After Using Yocale

The owner and a certified dog trainer

Yocale has truly taken HappiDog Training to the next level. It has streamlined my operations, saved me time, and offered excellent customer service. I can concentrate on providing my clients with outstanding training experiences.


Pet Services


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Company Size

Small Business


Lack of integration between appointment management and client databases.

Complicated calendar appointment management.

Smarter appointment management (Calendar)

Yocale’s cloud-based client relationship management feature (CRM)

About HappiDog Training

HappiDog Training believes that dogs are more than just pets—they are cherished family members and trusted companions. Their mission is to provide them with the best products and services, ensuring their well-being and strengthening the bond we share.

Business Needs/Challenges

HappiDog Training was facing challenges with customer satisfaction and retention due to the time-consuming and laborious task of managing client records. With numerous files and appointments to handle, they were dedicating an excessive amount of time and effort to this process. To address these issues, HappiDog Training recognized the need for a transformative solution and decided to transition to an all-in-one, cloud-based system that could be accessed remotely.

Yocale As the owner of HappiDog Training, implementing the Yocale calendar and client management has been a key improvement for our business. With easy access to the client management, we can now provide personalized attention and tailored training programs. The automated reminders and notifications have enhanced client communication, while the robust reporting and data analysis capabilities provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale introduced HappiDog Training to its smart calendar and client management system, significantly improving their operations. With its user-friendly platform, Yocale’s appointment management feature enables efficient scheduling and coordination for their clients. This results in reduced scheduling conflicts and enhanced resource allocation. The software also provides a comprehensive solution for securely storing and managing client information. With easy access to their system from any device, anywhere. HappiDog Training is empowered to deliver top-notch dog training services with unmatched efficiency.

Managing appointments used to be a time-consuming and tedious process, but now it’s efficient. I no longer have to deal with the hassle of juggling multiple scheduling tools or worry about double-bookings. Additionally, Yocale’s software simplifies the entire customer relationship management process by securely holding all my clients’ information in one place. This saves me a tremendous amount of time and effort, as I can easily access their details, appointment history, and specific preferences. I find Yocale’s flexible online booking solution to be highly beneficial. It goes beyond a standard online booking system by offering customization options, allowing bookings exclusively from my existing clients, or requiring my confirmation for requested bookings.

Other Benefits

In addition to Yocale’s calendar and client management, HappiDog Training has experienced significant benefits from automated appointment reminder and notification. Yocale’s notification and reminder capabilities have been incredibly beneficial in reducing client no-shows and improving overall business operations.

The system’s automatic notifications ensure that clients are reminded of their appointments, significantly reducing the chances of missed sessions. These reminders also serve as a helpful tool for me, as they notify me in advance about upcoming appointments. This allows me to prepare and gather all the necessary resources and materials needed for each training session.

35% Decreased Cancellation

93% Returning Clients

99% Show Up

Final Thoughts

The As the owner of HappiDog Training, I’m incredibly grateful for the positive impact that Yocale has had on our business. The automation, centralized calendar, and client management features have transformed the way we operate. Yocale has streamlined our appointment scheduling process, reduced no-shows through automated reminders, and provided a comprehensive platform for managing client information. With Yocale’s support, we can confidently continue to deliver the best possible service to our furry friends and their owners.

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