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JJ Barbershop Success Story After Using Yocale

The owner, barber

Appointment requests increased over the past few years and, of course, the dreaded task of answering the phone call and listening to the voicemails was another beast of its own.




Port Moody, BC, Canada

Company Size

Small Business

Difficulty in answering phone calls during work.

Limited booking availability during work hours only.

Yocale’s ultimate digital entrance (Online Booking)

Smarter appointment management (Calendar)

About JJ Barbershop

JJ Barbershop is a premier barbershop located in Port Moody. From cuts, fades, and styles to hot shaves, they offer a full range of men’s grooming services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Their team of successful barbers is passionate about the art of haircutting and is dedicated to delivering top-quality grooming services that leave their clients looking and feeling their best.

Founded in 2013 by Jeff, JJ Barbershop has since become a go-to destination for quality haircuts and grooming services.

Business Needs/Challenges

In 2013, JJ Barbershop struggled with managing appointments effectively during work hours. This resulted in customer frustration, negatively impacting their brand reputation and leading to a loss of potential clients who could not schedule appointments at the right time.

Answering phone calls during my work hours was a real hassle for me. It was difficult to attend to customers while frequently having to answer the phone, leading to customer frustration and even embarrassment on my part. Additionally, dealing with a backlog of over 50 voicemails on certain days proved to be another time-consuming hassle that was difficult to manage, making scheduling appointments a frustrating experience for both my customers and myself.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale introduced JJ Barbershop to its business management platform including online booking and smart calendar features. These features enable clients to search by services, providers, and availability to book appointments online on their own time. In addition, JJ Barbershop has access to the Yocale calendar, which allows them to preview and manage appointment information at a glance, such as invoices, records, and more.

With Yocale’s online calendar, I no longer have to worry about managing my appointments manually. I can quickly and easily access my schedule and make changes as needed. This means I can spend more time focusing on what I love – giving my clients the best haircuts and grooming services possible. Plus, with the ability to preview and manage appointment information like invoices and records, I can stay on top of my business even during my busiest days. 

Other Benefits

Besides Yocale’s calendar and online booking features, JJ Barbershop has also greatly benefited from Yocale’s automatic review request feature. As a result, they have amassed over 250 positive Google reviews and over 500 Yocale reviews, bringing their overall review count to just under 1000. These reviews have helped JJ Barbershop improve their search engine rankings and maintain their edge over the competition in attracting new clients.

Yocale has helped us save so much – especially time. We have been with Yocale for about four years and it’s been great. New innovations, invoice tracking, text confirmations, email confirmations and online booking options wrapped up into one user-friendly application. Yocale has been a game-changer for me, as it has helped me save approximately eight hours per week on scheduling and related tasks.

78% Online Bookings

Number of online bookings growth within two years.

70% Returning Clients

The percentage of returning clients increase from 20% within a year.

99% Show Up

The number of clients who show up for scheduled appointments.

Final Thoughts

Yocale is incredibly user-friendly, and our team has had no issues navigating it. In the rare event that we encounter any problems, the customer service team is quick to respond and resolve the issue, which is truly impressive. It has made our business operations seamless and efficient, especially when it comes to managing appointments and interacting with customers. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this service and would recommend it to any business looking to simplify their operations and improve their customer experience.

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