New England Auto Spa Success Story After Using Yocale

Lucas Pitkin
The owner, auto detailer

Yocale has freed up lots of time for me and has put my business into a position where it can grow without becoming unorganized. The software is easy to use! The customer support is one of the best I’ve ever experienced.


Car Detailing


Epping, NH, United States

Company Size

Small Business

The company's appointment scheduling system and client database are disjointed, requiring manual data transfer between the two systems.

Customers face inconvenience due to limited online visibility and a complex booking process, as the company's website and Google listing do not offer online booking options.

Yocale’s digital entrance (Online Booking)

Yocale's smart client management (CRM)

About New England Auto Spa

New England Auto Spa provides a truly outstanding mobile detailing service, bringing unparalleled automotive care right to their clients’ doorsteps. Their vast expertise covers a wide array of services, including thorough interior and exterior cleaning, paint optimization, and various additional services tailored to customer needs. With a strong commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, New England Auto Spa ensures each client’s vehicle receives the highest level of care it deserves, resulting in a superior and customized experience.

Business Needs/Challenges

New England Auto Spa, a thriving automobile detailing business, was facing challenges in managing their growing organization. The absence of a well-organized and efficient system for scheduling appointments and maintaining customer information presented significant roadblocks. As a result, they found themselves devoting an excessive amount of their valuable time and energy to administrative tasks, such as managing bookings and updating client records.

As a new business owner, my organization was a mess. I was taking way too much time to book appointments, keep track of customer information, standardize pricing, and run my business outside of providing services. I wasn’t able to stay as profitable as I wanted and my business was appearing very unprofessional.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale’s online appointment booking and client management system were introduced to New England Auto Spa, resulting in a streamlined appointment scheduling process for both the business and its clients. The cumbersome booking process was eliminated with the help of Yocale’s automated reminders, which have also helped in reducing no-shows. With the software’s ability to maintain a record of client appointments, customers can easily access their appointment history from any device, thereby enhancing their overall experience. This has resulted in smoother business operations for New England Auto Spa while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Yocale’s smart automation has made booking appointments with my clients a breeze. It used to be a time-consuming 30-minute process, but now it’s a seamless experience that provides accurate pricing information and syncs appointments to my calendar. Plus, Yocale’s software simplifies the customer relationship management process by holding clients’ information, saving me time and hassle. With Yocale’s help, I can focus on running my business, knowing that my clients are receiving the best possible service.

Other Benefits

In addition to Yocale’s client management and online scheduling capabilities, New England Auto Spa has experienced significant benefits from having appointments booked directly through Google, also known as Reserve with Google. This feature not only boosts business’s visibility in search results but also effectively converts web searches into successful bookings!

I’ve stayed more profitable by having a database for my services. I’ve had appointments booked automatically using their “Schedule Now” button on Google. Their team is extremely helpful when you have suggestions or need a change to your automated processes.

40% Online Bookings

60% Returning Clients

99% Show Up

Final Thoughts

Their team goes above and beyond every time to help solve any problems I have while using the software. My business looks a lot more professional with their automated reminder system, and the reminders also keep my business running more smoothly by reducing appointment interruptions.

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