Pollard Chiropractic Clinic Success Story After Using Yocale

Paulette Pollard

The manual filing system and lack of updated technology made it difficult to efficiently sort and manage the increasing number of patient files.




Cincinnati, OH, United States

Company Size

Small business

Outdated records and scheduling systems which leads to inefficiencies, delays, inaccuracies, and dissatisfaction for both businesses and customers.

Inadequate technology usage leads to challenges in managing time and client relationships effectively.

Yocale’s digital forms (Forms & Annotations)

Yocale’s ultimate digital entrance (Online Booking)

About Pollard Chiropractic Clinic

Pollard Chiropractic Clinic offers personalized and compassionate care from Dr. Paulette Pollard, a chiropractor who has been helping patients improve their health and quality of life for over 40 years. Dr. Pollard provides safe, drug-free solutions for patients of all ages, taking the time to truly listen, and is conveniently located to serve the communities of Summerside, Batavia, Amelia, Anderson, and Eastgate, including the Eastgate Mall area. With a wide range of wellness services available, the clinic is dedicated to resolving issues that are interfering with the patient’s health and recovery.

Business Needs/Challenges

The Pollard Chiropractic Clinic faced difficulties with its outdated record-keeping system, scheduling system, and technology usage for time management. Recognizing the need for a more organized and efficient method of tracking patient information and history, the clinic sought a solution to improve these processes.

As a non-tech-savvy person, I used to keep records using traditional methods such as paper. However, I realized the need for user-friendly technology with human support, and that’s where I found Yocale.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale’s introduction of the online booking and digital forms feature has greatly improved Pollard Chiropractic’s operations. The ability for clients to complete forms in advance and have them automatically filed in their records streamlines the check-in process. The added benefit of the cloud-based platform allows for easy and secure access to client records from any location and device, making the process more efficient and convenient.

I am utilizing Yocale’s scheduling system, which can be accessed by both the practice and patients via phone or computer. It has saved a significant amount of time by streamlining the appointment booking process. The platform’s online case history feature for new patients also saves time, and its daily notes feature is simple and efficient to use, further improving the practice’s overall efficiency.

Other Benefits

Beyond the convenient digital forms, seamless online booking capabilities, and personalized customer support provided by Yocale, Pollard Chiropractic has also experienced significant financial savings through the utilization of Yocale Pay. With its cost-effective payment processing fees and a streamlined payment terminal, the clinic has significantly reduced monthly expenses.

I highly value the affordable monthly fee offered by Yocale and the exceptional value it brings to the practice. Unlike other companies, Yocale’s approach is not solely focused on financial gain. Instead, they genuinely care about the individual’s needs and are dedicated to helping in any way they can. They take the time to listen, offer suggestions, and provide a great deal of support. My experience with Yocale has been truly positive, and I highly recommend their service.

23% Returning Customers

66% No-Show Reduction

30% Appointment Increase

Final Thoughts

The training provided by Yocale was exceptional, with the trainer being incredibly patient and a skilled teacher. They helped me navigate the program and even assisted in designing my exam and other forms. The customer support provided has been outstanding, with a chat feature easily accessible on the screen and quick responses to any inquiries. They are also easily reachable by phone and return calls in a timely manner. The level of customer support provided is truly unmatched.

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