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Salt of Life Natural Health Success Story After Using Yocale

Dr. Awilda Wilson
Holistic Health Practitioner/Naturopath

We are very impressed with Yocale's impact on our business! The increased business efficiency and productivity are immediately noticeable and have become a daily necessity. Yocale's automation capabilities have completely transformed how I approach my business. In the past, I used to spend most of my time on the operational side, but now, thanks to Yocale's streamlined processes, I'm thrilled to dedicate more time to my clients.


Holistic Health


Rogers, AR, United States

Company Size

Small Business

Complicated calendar appointment management.

Lack of efficient communication and streamlined customer appointment management.

Smarter appointment management (Calendar)

Ultra-polished appointment notifications (Appointment Requests & Reminders)

About Salt of Life Natural Health LLC

Salt of Life Natural Health is a naturopathic practice that specializes in assisting individuals in identifying weaknesses in their health, finding natural solutions to health concerns, and delivering natural therapies to improve their overall quality of life. They also provide a variety of health assessments, such as Thermal Imaging, Electrodermal screening, and Bioenergetic scans, to help identify the root causes of health problems.

Business Needs/Challenges

Reminders and notifications proved difficult for Salt of Life Natural Health to manage, particularly during peak hours. The influx of incoming calls, emails, and text messages required significant effort to manage their calendar efficiently, as well as administrative tasks such as processing payments, communicating with clients, and maintaining accurate records. Salt of Life Natural Health recognized the urgent need for an automated solution to streamline operations and alleviate administrative burdens, ultimately saving valuable time and resources as the number of appointment requests and new clients increased.

In the past, our clients’ lack of punctuality and commitment to their appointments posed significant challenges for us. The lack of effective communication made it difficult to keep them on track. Managing our operations, especially scheduling and inventory, was a constant challenge.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Salt of Life Natural Health has fully embraced the innovative features of Yocale’s online calendar and client management system, which have completely transformed their approach to handling appointments and managing their business calendar. As a result of Yocale’s appointment request feature, Salt of Life Natural Health is able to seamlessly interact with clients and receive appointment requests. In addition, Salt of Life Natural Health has been able to allocate resources more effectively and increase staff productivity.

Yocale’s appointment lookup feature has changed my life! It is extremely useful for keeping track of my previous appointments, allowing me to quickly determine when my clients’ last visit was. Our team appreciates how easily they can access the upcoming appointments with a few clicks. This convenience has made it a breeze to manage our schedule, ensuring that we never miss an important appointment again.

Other Benefits

Salt of Life Natural Health has taken appointment scheduling and client management to new heights by incorporating automatic SMS and email reminders. This brilliant addition has resulted in significant improvements for the business, significantly reducing both no-shows and cancellations and, as a result, increasing overall efficiency. Clients can also complete online intake forms directly from their appointment reminder emails, streamlining the process and elevating the overall experience for valued clients. By combining these features seamlessly, Salt of Life Natural Health has established a reputation for exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

We can’t thank Yocale enough for the fantastic results! Our no-show rate has dropped by 70% thanks to their assistance, resulting in a significant increase in both revenue and patient compliance. We are thrilled with how they have impacted our business.

50% Increase Bookings

90% Returning Clients

99% Show Up

Final Thoughts

Hands down, the customer service we receive is absolutely outstanding! From the moment we reached out with our inquiries, we received warm and efficient assistance. Their team has consistently gone above and beyond to address our concerns promptly and with the utmost care. Their commitment to providing excellent service is evident in every interaction we have had with them. They have an impressive depth of knowledge about their products and services, but also about the industry as a whole, which has been extremely helpful in guiding us through any challenges we have faced.

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