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Skin District Success Story After Using Yocale

Skin Specialist

We’ve never used pen and paper to schedule appointments. Online booking has allowed us to automate the scheduling process while also catering to clients who don’t want to call.


Medical Spa


 Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Company Size

Small Business


Excessive time involved in maintaining paper files.

Inadequate technology usage leads to challenges in managing time and client relationships effectively.

Yocale’s online form builder (Forms and annotation)

Yocale’s ultimate digital entrance (Online Booking)

About Skin District

Skin District, a medical spa in Vancouver, has seen major success since its inception in 2020. Today, the spa provides a variety of cosmetic services, ranging from semi-permanent make-up to medical-grade and dermatological procedures such as Botox and fillers. Licensed industry specialists (including medical aestheticians and technicians), a surgical director who holds a board certification as a plastic surgeon, and a naturopathic doctor are responsible for providing the services.

Business Needs/Challenges

Skin District had challenges managing incoming calls and online data records for clients, particularly during usual business hours. A significant percentage of their time was spent on responsibilities such as scheduling management, administrative duties such as payment processing, customer communication, and record keeping. This was mostly due to an increase in the number of appointment requests and new clients. Skin District recognized the necessity of deploying an automated solution to optimize its operations and reduce administrative pressure.

We believe it is our persistence and drive to make this medi spa work. We also couldn’t have done it without our wonderful staff who have put in so much time and effort to offer the best client experience.

Solutions Offered by Yocale

Yocale introduced Skin District to its online form-builder and client management (CRM) features. Skin District saved time on administrative tasks by requesting clients to fill out the form during the appointment scheduling or the checkout process. By collecting sufficient information from their clients, they were also able to prepare all the required facilities before the appointment. In addition, they experienced a significant improvement in storing clients’ information and historical activities, such as appointments, payments, documents, and a photo gallery. This improvement also helped Skin District gain a better understanding of their clientele and target audience.

The best feature of Yocale is the form-builder; I really like the Kiosk mode, which allows clients to complete forms on one of our devices while still only giving them access to that particular form. It is so easy for clients to use it prior to their appointment. We also love how the CRM allows before-and-after pictures that get saved to the client’s profile; we did not have this feature before, and this has been a huge benefit

Other Benefits

In addition to client management, online scheduling, and online form-builder, Skin District has also benefited from the automated follow up on review requests after each appointment. As a result, they have received about 400 reviews that show up on their business listing on Google. The reviews have helped Skin District improve their search engine rankings and gain an edge over their competition.

Follow up is KEY; even a simple text after a facial to see how your client’s skin is doing makes a huge difference.

200% Increase Bookings

85% Returning Clients

99% Show Up

Final Thoughts

We switched to Yocale because of its functionality, including the fact that it allows us to send before-and-after pictures within its Client Relationship Management (CRM), which our last platform did not. Since using an online booking platform, we have been able to save front-desk time in terms of scheduling and appointment reminders. We also believe that online booking has been critical to keeping our schedule full. An additional benefit unique to Yocale has been that we have been able to eliminate our other subscriptions, which has saved us several hundreds of dollars each month.

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