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Easy To Use Inventory Manager For Your Beauty Services Business

Let’s face it – without a bullet-proof inventory management system in place, managing your retail products can quickly become disastrous.

From tracking shipments, stocking products, and identifying sales trends – selling retail products isn’t exactly a walk-in-the-park.

On its own, retail inventory management can be demanding – but managing it alongside your existing beauty services can prove to be exceptionally stressful. At the end of the day, you might be left wondering if selling retail products is even worth the added effort.

But thankfully, with Yocale, there’s a way to make your inventory work for you, rather than against you. That’s because Yocale streamlines the inventory management process by tracking every facet – including shipping, receiving, and product transactions.

Yocale can even notify you when a product’s stock is running low with fully-customizable inventory notifications. And because Yocale is built for service-based businesses, you can easily sell your products through our built-in POS interface whenever an appointment concludes.

There’s no need for spreadsheets or pen-and-paper inventory charts – Yocale’s Inventory Manager provides an all-in-one solution for storing and tracking your retail products.

With Yocale, it’s never been easier to reclaim your inventory and revolutionize your business in the process. Here’s how it works!

­Eliminate The Hassle Of Manual Inventory Management

In business, precision is key – and one of the biggest obstacles that can arise from attempting to manage one’s inventory manually is inaccuracy.

Many beauty businesses perform manual inventory audits monthly and even weekly in order to stay on top of their retail inventory. And while counting each product can be beneficial in the long-run, it’s also a tiresome and excessively laborious affair – as well as one that could actually be detracting from your day-to-day productivity.

That’s because manually tallying up your inventory can lead to miscounts that can quickly snowball into larger, more concerning inventory inaccuracies. In addition, these manual inventory audits take time and effort – time and effort that could be better-spent tending to the needs of your clients.

Fortunately, that’s where Yocale comes in. Yocale saves you both time and effort by allowing you to manage your product inventory digitally.

Using Yocale’s easy-to-use browser-based interface, you can quickly add a product, view your existing products, and modify the quantity of each. And because Yocale features a built-in POS system, whenever you sell a product, Yocale will automatically adjust your product stock to match the change in quantity.

Within the Yocale interface, adding a product is as simple as navigating to your Products tab and clicking Add product. Conveniently, Yocale is browser-based, so there are no applications to install or update – just log in to Yocale via your browser of choice, and you’re good to go!

At any time, you can view your current list of products and add a new one.

To add a new product, just enter a few simple details, such as the product’s name, price, cost, and current quantity.

That’s it – hit Save and your product will now appear in Yocale’s Inventory Manager. Getting started with Yocale’s inventory system is as simple as that!

Built-in Business Integration: Sell Products While Closing Appointments

Most beauty businesses sell their products when a client’s appointment concludes. Offering retail products in addition to your service charges is a match made in heaven – but only if the transaction process is smooth and straightforward.

The problem is, many beauty businesses are utilizing software that makes these dual-pronged transactions needlessly difficult. Often, their inventory and service POS systems are separate, which leads to frustration and frequent error.

In addition, a non-integrated inventory and service POS system can complicate inventory management, too. When your POS systems aren’t “talking” to each other, you won’t be able to identify the correlation between what items are selling and what kind of services they’re selling with.

Thankfully, if a client is ecstatic about the way their hair looks and wants to achieve the same results at-home with one of your products, Yocale makes the process of selling a product alongside your services simple.

That’s because Yocale’s Inventory Manager is fully integrated into Yocale’s Appointment Scheduler – so any and all retail sales are automatically attached to their respective appointments, if applicable.

Here’s how it works! Any time an appointment concludes, just hit the Add Products button within Yocale’s appointment closure dialogue box.

From here, you’ll be able to select from a full drop-down list of all the products you’ve added to Yocale’s Inventory Manager.

Once you’ve selected the product your customer is purchasing, you’ll also be able to enter the Quantity of the product they’ve opted to buy. Yocale will automatically let you know how much of any given product is available, so you won’t have to cross-reference your inventory numbers – the data is all there!

Click Add to add the product to the transaction.

Then, to finalize the transaction, just hit Save. From here, Yocale will automatically update your inventory count accordingly.

It’s that simple!

Stay Stocked: Get Automatic Inventory Notifications When A Product Is Running Low

Another problem that manual inventory management creates is the issue of product stock. A sudden surge in product popularity can send profits soaring – but it can also leave providers empty-handed and desperately wishing that they had stocked up on a particular product to meet demand.

However, with Yocale’s Inventory Notifications, you can keep your bestsellers fully-stocked and leave your inventory woes behind! Whenever a product is running low, Yocale will automatically notify you according to your specifications.

The criteria for Inventory Notifications is entirely up to you – so you can set each product’s Reorder Quantity according to your preferences.

Perhaps you carry a hot-selling nail polish that seems to fly off the shelves faster than you can stock it. In this instance, you could set the nail polish’s Reorder Quantity higher to reflect the demand so that Yocale will notify you sooner rather than later.

Alternatively, a product that sells less frequently could have a much lower Reorder Quantity. This way, you wouldn’t be bombarded with reorder notifications just because you prefer to have a small quantity on-hand.

Yocale is fully flexible and works to meet the needs of your business, whatever they are. And with Inventory Notifications, you can stay in-the-loop with your inventory, regardless of your unique stock quantity preferences.

To set a Reorder Quantity for a product with Yocale, just head to your Yocale Dashboard. From here, navigate to the email drop-down menu and click Manage > Services/Products.

You’ll see a list of your available products, assuming you’ve added at least one previously. Click the Edit button beside a product to begin changing that product’s Reorder Quantity.

From here, you can set the product’s Reorder Quantity via the Reorder Qty box.

Once the product reaches the quantity you’ve specified or lower, you’ll receive a notification in Yocale’s Notification section. Don’t forget to hit Save to confirm your changes!

More Than One Way To Transform Your Business

We’ve barely scratched the surface – Yocale’s exceptional Inventory Manager is just the beginning of what Yocale has to offer your business.

And remember – getting started with Yocale is FREE! For a full list of our features as well as our pricing, click here!

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