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Online Scheduling & Calendar

Read Yocale’s FAQ about online scheduling & calendar, staff calendars, mobile services, calendar management, availability settings, appointment management and more. 

Free online scheduling software

Yes, By creating an online schedule and adding a Booking button onto your website, your clients can easily book you online

Yes, requested appointment management allows you to accept, reject, or propose a new time for the appointment time your client has requested.

Yes, you can integrate your Facebook business page and add a Call To Action – Book Now button which links your Yocale calendar from Facebook

Yes, your clients can see your set availability from your Yocale Booking Page and book your open slots in your calendar.

Yes, you can easily drag and drop the appointments to different time slots. You can also edit the appointment and change the service provider.

Yes if you have an older computer monitor or would like easier to read fonts and colors on the calendar you can enable a bolder calendar theme

Yes, multi-service appointment is easily done through advanced window. You can add as many services and at any time in the future you wish.

Yes, It is easily done through Yocale’s availability finder which is part of our widget panel. It can also be done through the advanced appointment window.

Yes, you are able to manage your staff availability at any time. You can shorten or extend availability with a drag and drop or easily add blocked time off to the calendar.

Yes, You can set your price to zero which will not display a price for that service on your public profile or the client booking screen

Yes, With our new calendar you can view your staff’s daily calendar as well as edit the settings to see up to 4 days worth of appointments for your staff.

Yes, You can setup up your business as having a mobile location where you can set the radius in which you can accept on-site appointments as well as choose which services you offer as mobile services.

Yes, as long as you are not accepting “concurrent appointments” then your clients can not book multiple appointments in the same time slot.

Yes, just like you create an appointment click on any available slot on the calendar and in “Book New Appointment ”window select “Block Time Off”.

Yes, you can setup these resources to be booked as part of a service. This allows you to properly manage your resources for your booking clients and staff.

Yes, Yocale will notify your client by default with both SMS and e-mail messages once you create a booking, reschedule, cancel.

Yes, with the newly released calendar you can. You can view Monday through Sunday of the provider you select.

Yes, you are able to manage your staff availability for any customization you can think of.

Yes, Yocale can handle video conference appointments that allows client and service provider to virtually meet. Launch right from your calendar to connect with your clients.

Yes, we call this “transition time”. Set your transition time to however long you like to make sure your services stay on time.

Yes, we have various appointment icons to easily differentiate appointment statuses or client information and much more. Some include: New Client, Booked online, Paid up front, checked in, running late, recurring booking.

Yes, When you assign tags to your appointments then later you can search and generate a list of all appointments with specific tags.

Yes, you can easily add multiple recurring appointments to a client for daily, weekly, monthly, or custom days of the week for a certain amount of appointments or up until a certain date.

Yes, you “hide” services from your public profile which won’t be visible for online booking but can be booked by your staff on your calendar.

Yes, you can disable same day online bookings all together or set up your a minimum notice time for your clients to book you. Ex. minimum 4 hours notice for online bookings.

Yes, you can limit clients from booking with you online. You can either limit it to your current existing clients (no new clients) or you can limit it to certain users (ex. Your VIP or trusted clients)

Yes, you can easily add new locations. Add as many locations as you have and manage them all within the same main Yocale business account.

Yes, you can setup your business to be in any timezone. Also, you can have multiple locations in different timezones, as well as change your calendar view to show in a different time zone.

Yes, with the new calendar you can see from 1-4 days of up coming appointments within the staff calendar view.

Yes, If you don’t want to send out notifications, you can manually disable them for the individual appointment or you can change your settings to not send them out for appointments all together

Yes, when you start creating an appointment, you can minimize the appointment at any time and pick up where you left off. Just like you would in Gmail

Yes, you are able to write notes for clients and save them for future inquiries. You can revisit them within the appointment calendar or within the clients profile you can edit the notes further.

Client Management

Read Yocale’s FAQ about client management, appointment management, client payment history, client document storage, client notes, SOAP notes & charts and more

Client & Patient Notes

Yes, You can view all your clients information under the Clients page has incredibly detailed client statistics and charts which gets updated constantly whenever a client books, cancels, reschedules or pays for an appointment.

Yes,  Yocale has a client record page which has a comprehensive, data rich client details page to view all appointment history.

Yes, You can view all email/text communication sent from your Yocale Business account to the client.

Client payments taken with Yocale are all tracked, documented and displayed under one page for easy management.

Yes – Yocale client records are rich in specific individual statistics. You can see all the appointments (upcoming and passed), all rescheduled/ cancelled/ late/ no-show, as well as all the payments for this client.

With Yocale we have developed a “Dependent” feature which allows you to add child or elderly to your Yocale account. You can then book the appointments on behalf of the dependent.

Yes, Yocale has individual client document storage. Allowing you to upload various PDFs, Docs, JPEGs and other accepted formated files.

Yes, When a client is booking online, they can see a simple text field for any booking notes that they might have for the business. This can be enabled to me mandatory if the business wishes.

Yes, All notes entered by the business or staff can be viewed under one page for easy tracking and viewing.

Yes, Yocale has an Intake Form feature allowing businesses to create their own intake forms and assigned to different services.

Yes, With the intake form feature, you can customize which services trigger which intake forms. Additionally You can then customize it one step further and enable whether or not you want it every booking or just once per client.

Yocale tracks all active packages and memberships. Simply navigate to the client details page to view the active ones for the individual client.

Yes, with the client document upload feature you can save files onto individual client records. Save JPG, PNG,s .CSV, or other documents & files

Yes, Yocale has a custom tags feature built in so you can add special tags to appointments and clients.

With Yocale client management, you can add an custom text alert to a client. When this client books, a text alert will be displayed on the appointment letting you know something specific about this client that could be important.

Yes, with Yocale comprehensive client management you can easily view all details clients under one page. This includes all spending history, appointment history, lates/no-shows and much more

Yes, we have developed a “merge client” tool to merge duplicate client records together.

Point Of Sale

Read Yocales Point Of Sale FAQ about online payments, Stripe payments, pre-payments, refunds, product sales, memberships, packages, coupons and more.

Online Scheduling Software

Yes. You can link STRIPE to your Yocale account and receive payments directly to your bank account. Prepayment allows your clients to pre-pay for the service or class while booking. This can either be a percentage of the service or a set dollar amount.

No, connecting Stripe to your Yocale account is completely free and no setup fee is involved.

Stripe charges 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.

Yes, you can pre-authorize your clients to enter in their payment details at the time of booking and pay either a percentage or dollar amount.

Yes, you can process a refund directly from the POS invoice window. You can refund appointments services, products or deals and refund through multiple forms of processed payments

Yes, you can add all of your products into Yocale and easily sell them through the POS invoice window. Automatically track your sold products through reports and inventory tracking.

Products will not be displayed on your Public Yocale Profile. However, you can sell any product(s) the client likes to buy at time of check out.

Yes, our software does offer inventory control. You can view inventory levels based on locations, categories and furthermore, you can receive automatic reminders when a certain product is low on inventory.

Yes. You can sell your memberships to clients either purchased through our website booking widget on your website or through our POS checkout window.

Yes, you can easily sell your packages to clients through our website booking widget or through our POS checkout window. These packages can be customized to include discounts for purchasing multiple services, classes or products.

Yes, you can view and track the number of times the client has used their package in the client details page.

Yes. In the Point of Sales window (POS), you can add a tip amount to the client’s total while checking them out.

Yes, you can create any tax percentage and multiple taxes if necessary right from your settings menu. You can also select certain taxes to be applied to certain services or products and not others.

Yes, you can provide discounts using the discount option in the POS system at time of checkout.

Yes, you can view the client’s service history and invoices from the client menu. This will show you all of their past invoices and previous appointment notes and much more.

Business Management

Read Yocale’s FAQ about Business Management, resources, reporting, integrations, inventory management, product management, packages and more

Free online scheduling software

Yes, with the Resources feature you can create resources such as equipment, chairs, tables, or even rooms and link them with services.

Yes, if you either use the Yocale email templates sent out to your clients or customize the text around to your liking.

Yes, this will be located under the Reports feature when your logged in as the Business Owner. This report gives you an overview of top overall sales figures, taxes, tips and more.

Yes, this will be located under the Reports feature when your logged in as the Business Owner. This report give you an overview of bookings, services booked, no-shows, cancellations and more.

Yes this will be located under the Reports feature when your logged in as the Business Owner. This report gives you the ability to see your products in stock, top sellers and more.

Yes, under the Reports page, you can export your reports in PDF or Excel.

All business data such as business information, location name and address, services, products, staff member profile etc, can be entered in any language however all buttons and website information is in English.

Yes, Yocale has integrated with Zapier, this allows you to easily connect to 1000+ applications

Yes, the external calendar tool will enable your Yocale appointments to be synced with a third party calendar.

Yes, with our Pro packages and above you can have 2-way calendar sync where you can edit appointments in either Yocale or your personal calendars and they update in the other calendar automatically.

Yes, with Deals feature you can easily create a package and sell to your clients and track your clients package usage.

Yes, with Deals feature you can easily create a membership and sell to your clients. Set your membership parameters and automatically charge your clients on your custom recurring basis.

Yes, with Deals feature you can easily create a coupon and sell to your clients. Set your coupon discount, number of uses and expiry.

Yes, with Deals feature you can easily create a gift cards and sell to your clients. Your clients can easily share gift cards and apply these upon checkout.

Yes, based off your subscription package you can 5 – 20 different locations under one Business account.

Yocale is apart of the Microsoft Azure network trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies. Be sure your data is safe with Azure’s Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)

Yes, Yocale has a product page for you to input all your products. Here you can set your products, SKU’s, prices, quantities, re-order reminders and more.

Yes, on the Product page