Can I get my clients to book me online?

Yes, By creating an online schedule and adding a Booking button onto your website, your clients can easily book you online

Can I allow my clients to book me by request only?

Yes, requested appointment management allows you to accept, reject, or propose a new time for the appointment time your client has requested.

Can I implement a Facebook book button?

Yes, you can integrate your Facebook business page and add a Call To Action – Book Now button which links your Yocale calendar from Facebook

Can my clients see my availability and book with me?

Yes, your clients can see your set availability from your Yocale Booking Page and book your open slots in your calendar.

Can I edit the appointment to be reschedule?

Yes, you can easily drag and drop the appointments to different time slots. You can also edit the appointment and change the service provider.

Can I bold calendar colors?

Yes, if you have an older computer monitor or would like easier to read fonts and colors on the calendar you can enable a bolder calendar theme

Can I book a multi-service appointment?

Yes, multi-service appointment is easily done through advanced window. You can add as many services and at any time in the future you wish.

Can I search for future availabilities?

Yes, It is easily done through Yocale’s availability finder which is part of our widget panel. It can also be done through the advanced appointment window.

Can I change my staff availability?

Yes, you are able to manage your staff availability at any time. You can shorten or extend availability with a drag and drop or easily add blocked time off to the calendar.

Can I remove price from booking page? I don’t want my clients to see pricings.

Yes, You can set your price to zero which will not display a price for that service on your public profile or the client booking screen

Can I view all staff calendar in one page?

Yes, With our new calendar you can view your staff’s daily calendar as well as edit the settings to see up to 4 days worth of appointments for your staff.

can I set up on-site service?

Yes, You can setup up your business as having a mobile location where you can set the radius in which you can accept on-site appointments as well as choose which services you offer as mobile services.

can I avoid getting double booked?

Yes, as long as you are not accepting “concurrent appointments” then your clients can not book multiple appointments in the same time slot.

Can I create block time offs?

Yes, just like you create an appointment click on any available slot on the calendar and in “Book New Appointment ”window select “Block Time Off”.

Can I set up rooms, equipment and other resources to be booked as a services?

Yes, you can setup these resources to be booked as part of a service. This allows you to properly manage your resources for your booking clients and staff.

Does Yocale notify my clients when they reschedule?

Yes, Yocale will notify your client by default with both SMS and e-mail messages once you create a booking, reschedule, cancel.

Can I change my staff availability?

Yes, you are able to manage your staff availability for any customization you can think of.

Can I create video conference services?

Yes, Yocale can handle video conference appointments that allows client and service provider to virtually meet. Launch right from your calendar to connect with your clients.