Smarter client management

A CRM designed for appointment-based businesses – make clients feel extraordinary! Deliver impressively personal customer experiences that’ll make you stand out – all effortlessly. Create customer profiles, see each client’s entire appointment history and get client and business insights.

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Grow with custom client profiles

Mega client databases because the details matter. Build custom client profiles and keep information organized. In a single glance, see contact details, birthdays, alerts, photos, appointment and purchase history and more.

Build client profiles

Create your own client profiles! Easily add, search, merge or even import clients (Yocale will even do it for you!) and store everything from contact details and birthdays to custom forms and documents.


Snappy client snapshots

Get a complete overview of each client, from trust scores to alerts, special comments, booking revenue and more – all at a glance.


Capture custom information

Personalize client profiles with custom fields so you can track the information you care about.


Client forms at your fingertips

Easily access client forms (intake, waivers, or contracts) within each client’s record, including custom information. Plus, track the status of all forms (pending/completed) and follow up on outstanding forms with a click. File all forms automatically and even share forms with others.


Add & manage dependents

Add dependents to client profiles. Store dependent details and allow clients to book appointments for dependents.



Manage client journeys & track behaviour

Nurture client relationships by tailoring your client’s experience to their personal preferences. Have your client’s complete appointment history in one place, from birthdays to appointments, notes, purchase and payment history, forms and more. Even track behavior like no-shows and tardiness.

A 3D client view

Quickly view clients’ upcoming appointments and their complete appointment history, including payment history, invoices/receipts, current payment status (paid/outstanding) and cards saved on file. Print appointment history by client. Know exactly where you left off!

Appointment forms & notes at a glance

Quickly view appointment forms and provider notes associated with each appointment from each client’s record. Also view any notes that clients made during the booking process and any custom tags.

Track client behaviour

Track no-shows, canceled appointments and tardiness at every appointment. This information will form a client’s trust score, which you can use to charge no-show fees or block clients from booking online.

Control who can book online

Control exactly what clients can book online. Even block clients from booking online with a single click whenever a client has a high number of no-show, canceled or late appointments.

Control & monitor client notifications

Control exactly how client notifications get sent out and disable/enable as necessary. Plus, view the status of all client notifications (sent/scheduled) and confirm delivery.


Reduce paper clutter with electronic storage

Reduce paper clutter by storing everything online, from documents and videos to pictures, contracts and everything in-between.

Store documents & videos

Attach and store documents and videos within each client’s record, including pictures, contracts, proposals and even videos.

Organize, download, print documents & more

Add descriptions to files, download or print documents and easily move between documents.


Get smart client insights

Smart insights. Know your VIPs so you can give them the extra attention they deserve.

individual client insights

Individual client insights

Quickly see an overview of each client, including total number of appointments (as well as the client’s upcoming and last appointment) and even revenue history – all beautifully visualized in a chart!

Total client insights

Get a total overview of all your clients, including total number of clients and number of new clients in the past 30 days as well as the days that the highest number of new clients.


Automatically request reviews

Auto reviews. Get real-time feedback and turn raving clients into brand ambassadors so you bring in new clients faster.

Auto-request reviews

Trigger automatic review requests after each appointment for real-time feedback and a better online presence. Yocale will display reviews on your Yocale Marketplace profile which will show up in Google search and will be embedded within your Google Profile listing!

Plus, RWG users will be able to have Google request more Google reviews!

Client portal

Allow clients to manage appointments

Allow clients to manage appointments

Everyone’s favorite client portal. Allow clients to manage appointments on their own with a client portal they’ll love all while saving you valuable time.

Ultra-convenient online booking

Allow clients to book appointments at their convenience from their own personal client portal.

Allow clients to manage their own appointments

Save time by allowing clients to manage their own appointments, including rescheduling, canceling and rebooking.

Reviews, forms & invoice access

Save even more time by allowing clients to view reviews, forms and past invoices. Don’t spend another moment worrying about finding lost invoices!

Complete account access

Allow clients to manage their account preferences, including personal information and email and passwords.

Everything in your clients’ language!

By default, allow clients to book appointments in the language of their choice.

One platform to simplify your business


Polished, automated confirmations and reminders.

Point of Sale

1-click invoicing and 1-click, online check-out.


Automated marketing – book buttons, reviews and more.

Reserve with Google

Get booked straight from Google – up to 64% more bookings!


Schedules at a glance, easily customizable.

Online Forms

Online forms with automatic send out and filing.

Yocale Pay

Stylish hardware and wholesale rates.

Virtual Appointments​

1-click connect, integrated and secure web conferencing.