Customizable Scheduler

Customizable Scheduler

Be In Full Control Of Your Schedule 24/7

Design your schedule to meet your needs! You can manage multiple locations and providers, set your schedule to book all appointments or only show your clients the calendar you want them to see. Use color-coding to easily tell which appointments are upcoming, completed or blocked-off or to distinguish between different types of services. You have the flexibility to take multiple appointments at one time slot, create appointments on every other week or have certain services available every second Tuesday. The freedom is yours!

✔ Meet Yocale’s Ultra Flexible Scheduler

Here are the top concerns many providers have, and how we’re addressing them with Yocale’s unique online booking system.

No Large Gaps In Your Scheduler

You won’t get large gaps in your schedule due to clients booking at times they want. That’s because of the features that we offer. In your schedule, Yocale gives you the option to have “Automatic” Time Slots in your Schedule for appointment setting.  Automatic time scheduling means only the optimized times will be shown to your clients on your online calendar.  This means no more large gaps or “off-time” bookings that create havoc on your day.

No Double Bookings

You won’t miss something, or have two clients show up at the same time. As long as the appointments YOU personally book go into your calendar, you will never have 2 people booked into the same slot.  Yocale DOES allow concurrent appointments IF you set it that way, but that can be set for specific occurrences or treatments that allow for that in your office.

Only Show Your Clients What You Want

One concern that some providers have is, “Now my clients will see my whole schedule online – and if I’m not “busy” enough, that may deter new clients.”

With Yocale, that is not the case. Yocale has made it easy to select your own options for how you want to display your schedule and availability online.  If you don’t want your clients to see all your available appointments, you can set up the “Appointment Requests” only. If you’d only like specific times shown (not too many open slots shown) – our “Automatic” time slots booking option, shows only the optimal booking times to keep your schedule tight yet helps you get the bookings you need at the times that work best for you.  The only spots shown to your customers will be available slots (they can’t see your personal appointments, lunch breaks or any other client information – just what times are available to book).

Full Control + Customization Of Your Schedule

With Yocale, you don’t have to worry about losing control of your schedule. You can plan your day exactly how you want for maximum productivity and workflow.

Yocale has a unique scheduling system that allows providers to create a schedule based on available times AND types of appointments.  For example: one of our specialty hair stylists has crafted her online schedule to only allow for her 4-6hr specialty coloring/ombre treatments during 2 specific time frames of her day and then allows 1 hr. hair cuts at 3 specific on-the-hour slots of the day.

Now your calendar can be under more control than ever.  Any provider can create a customized schedule with the types of appointments and specific times they want to offer them.

Yocale, The Best Online Booking Software

Yocale has solidified its place as top leaders who generate growth for local businesses. Our set of powerful online booking software and other tools is the first choice among businesses both big and small. Yocale is all about powering businesses to operate the smart way and our software drives powerful results, from reducing no-shows to acquiring more clients and driving all around business growth.

Start Free, We’ll Grow With Your Business

Whether you’re starting a brand new business or you’re a well-established business looking for the perfect scheduling calendar, Yocale keeps you covered. An Essentials plan is free for life, which includes unlimited appointments, appointment requests, services, and up to 5 staff members. To take advantage of SMS/text reminders, recurring appointments, secure treatment notes, marketing campaigns and other additional features, the Grow, Pro & Ultimate Plans are in place for you.

Join us and let us show you how easy it can be to Get Discovered and Get Booked with Yocale.

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