The ultimate digital entrance

The online booking widget that helps you be found and booked 24/7 – your way! Capture everything you need with online forms, get paid upfront and send automated reminders.

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Booking Widget

Offer a tailor-made booking experience

A premier booking experience. Allow clients to search by availability, service, provider, location and more – all with multi-language support. Plus, smart functionality ensures that unique staff availability and resources are factored in.

Only allow appointment requests to be made per your set schedule – i.e. during specific time periods and/or for certain providers. Approve or disapprove all appointment requests first.

Clients can select their appointment and provider and have the widget find the first availability.

Follow up with automatic confirmations complete with everything needed for appointments.

Easily add alerts – zero coding required!

Also communicate to clients via SEO-optimized, public profile pages for each provider, location and service.

Clients can view upcoming appointments, reschedule or cancel. Clients can access past invoices and write online reviews.

Assign different services to each booking widget location.

Set each booking widget location in its own language.

Control who books online – everyone, existing clients or specific clients and even block clients from booking.

Require minimum notice time before an appointment can be booked or canceled.

Online eForms

Reduce paperwork with integrated eForms

Professional eforms. Eliminate paperwork by linking forms to the online scheduling process for completely automated send-out and filing. Get to know your clients before they walk in.

Sync forms to the booking process

Reduce form-related admin by using Yocale’s drag-and-drop form-builder to create digital forms and then incorporating them to the booking process. Set smart form rules so specific forms are sent out depending upon the service. Forms are automatically saved to each client’s record.

Set Smart form rules

Set smart form rules so specific forms are sent out depending upon the service and also specify whether forms need to be completed once per appointment or per client. Plus, enable mandatory completion in order for clients to complete the booking and lock forms after a certain period of time to prevent information from being changed.

File automatically

Eliminate filing forever with automatic electronic filing; forms will be automatically saved in each client’s record and appropriate bookings. Updates to forms (like a change of address) will be automatically captured in the system unless otherwise specified.

Create forms for any occasion

Create internal and/or external forms. Even share internal forms with clients while hiding specific portions of the form.


Tailor-make your booking experience

Online booking done your way! Customize every detail of the booking experience from the look to the booking settings to the language for a booking experience that feels just like you.

Booking experience

Design your booking widget exactly how you want it. Create categories, control the order, customize colors and labels, hide elements and more! Even require clients to complete information in order to complete the booking.

Choose a full detailed view with service descriptions and visuals or a simple quick-select from a drop down menu. You can even allow clients to pick a specific provider or auto assign. Lastly, get support for multiple time zones and concurrent appointments.

Client login

Choose how clients can book you online: anonymously (without a username and password) or via email or their Facebook/Google accounts. The quickest login experience.


Multilingual booking widget support. Customizable notes and alerts for each language.

Multiple widgets

Set up multiple booking widgets for each location or provider – each with their own level of customization.


Allow verified clients to submit online reviews that get added to your online profile and found in search engines for greater visibility.


Exchange notes for calm appointments

Smart booking notes. Add booking notes to the online booking process or allow clients to submit their own notes for super smooth appointments.

Microsoft Outlook

Add booking notes to the online booking process like parking directions or other special instructions.

Google Calendar

Allow clients to leave their own notes during the online scheduling process and then conveniently view them within their client record. Also enable mandatory completion in order to complete the booking.


Get booked from everywhere

Multifold booking channels: Add book buttons to your website and Google Business Profile or get booked from your SEO-optimized profile page. Also add booking links to your social media platforms.

Get booked from your website

Add “Book Appointment” buttons to your website (no complicated code required!) and customize the colors, shape and text of the button!

Get booked straight from Google

Get up to 86% more bookings with an exclusive Google “Book Online” button. One of Yocale’s most popular features.

Get booked from your SEO-optimized profile

Get booked from your own custom, SEO-optimized public profile. Plus, give providers their own public profile to get booked from.


Keep your business on track alerts

Polished, automatic appointment notifications and reminders. Reduce no-shows and keep your entire business on track with alerts for clients, front-desk staff and providers.

Email & SMS

Trigger automated appointment confirmations and reminders for front-desk staff, providers and clients via email and text. Even split the delivery schedule of notifications and add custom content to emails.

Promote self-service

Send automatic appointment confirmations designed to improve online booking and self-service adoption over time. Everything from instructions to prepare for their appointment to ability to reschedule, cancel, fill forms, or book their next appointment is laid out for them.

Clients can also add appointments to their personal calendar.


Need to reschedule? Send an email update with a single click.


Accept upfront payments for built-in no-show protection

Accept upfront payments for built-in no-show protection

Protect against no-shows and save time at check-out with full upfront payments and deposits. Or, save cards on file.

Full payments

Get paid upfront and protect against no-shows by requiring clients to pay in advance. Plus, get alerted by email whenever payments are made.


Increase attendance and protect against no-shows by requiring a deposit – a percentage or a fixed amount – during the online scheduling process.

Save cards

Increase attendance and protect against no-shows (and also speed up the check-out process!) by saving cards on file during the online scheduling process.

Online booking is only the beginning.


Polished, automated confirmations and reminders.

Point of Sale

1-click invoicing and 1-click, online check-out.

Client Management

All your clients’ journeys in one place.

Reserve with Google

Get booked straight from Google – up to 64% more bookings!


Schedules at a glance, easily customizable

Online Forms

Online forms with automatic send out and filing.

Yocale Pay

Stylish hardware and wholesale rates.

Virtual Appointments

1-click connect, integrated and secure web conferencing.