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Have A Pulse On Your Float Spa With The Business Statistics Dashboard

As children, many of us will recall being terrified of the dark. Of course, this common fear has a perfectly logical explanation.

After all, being suddenly enveloped in darkness and feeling robbed of our sensory perception can be a frightening experience, indeed!

But, in recent years, many have found comfort in the darkness – and even a sense of growth.

That’s the philosophy behind float spas – a service industry that’s been booming within the last decade.

From anxiety-sufferers to those just looking for a dedicated window of introspection, float spas can provide patrons with a sense of detachment from their real-life woes.

Once inside and fully submerged in the darkness of a float tank, customers may discover a newfound clarity in their thoughts. Alternatively, chronic “overthinkers” might utilize their float session as a way to quiet their mind and connect to their body instead.

No matter the application, sensory deprivation tanks provide customers with many opportunities to improve their mental health and achieve a sense of inner peace and calm.

As the owner of a float spa, you’re very likely to be a strong advocate for the benefits of voluntary sensory deprivation yourself.

But being in the dark regarding the inner-workings of your own business? That would send chills down the spine of even the fiercest business owner!

Thankfully, with Yocale’s Business Statistics Dashboard, you can stay in-sync with your evolving business minute-to-minute. Get a glance at your earnings with weekly revenue reports and check-in with your outstanding payments – all from your Yocale Dashboard.

Much like stepping out of a float tank for the first time, Yocale brings a sense of clarity to your business – here’s how it works!

View, Download, And Print Insightful Business Reports

It’s no secret that business reports are a fantastic way to gauge the performance of your float spa. By analyzing the numbers, graphs, and charts behind your business, you can quickly assess what’s working – as well as what isn’t.

But, compiling all of this data yourself can quickly become a headache. Attempting to dig through weeks and weeks of paperwork and receipts while crunching the numbers manually is needlessly exasperating.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to collect and condense your business data into meaningful reports – and it certainly doesn’t involve doing all the work yourself!

Because Yocale integrates and tracks nearly every aspect of your business – from sales to appointments and more – you can generate comprehensive reports with Yocale in just a few clicks! There’s no manual data entry or spreadsheet upload required – just specify the data timeframe you’re interested in, and Yocale will do the rest.

Once you’ve created a Yocale account, you can get your data excavation journey started by navigating to Reports from the top menu.

From here, you can generate three different types of reports:

  • Business Summary
  • Statistics Summary
  • Outstanding Payments

To create a report, just select your report criteria.

You can choose specific start and end dates, or select from 30-day, 6-month, and annual reports. The options are entirely up to you!

Once you’ve generated a report, you can view it within your browser, or export it as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file. You can also print a paper copy of any report by clicking the print button – simple!

Get To Know Your Clientele Better With Client Reports

While Yocale’s internal business reports are undoubtedly helpful, they’d be incomplete without allowing you to generate reports on the lifeblood of your business – your clients!

And because Yocale offers a full, comprehensive client database that allows you to create profiles for each of your esteemed customers, you can create highly informational client reports with ease.

Yocale’s Client Reports aren’t throwaway material, either – they’re designed to be packed with valuable data. In just a few clicks, you can see your top spenders, view your most frequent no-showers, and even get complete breakdowns of your client interactions.

To brighten things up, Yocale will also automatically create colorful pie chart infographics based on your client demographics.

And, just like any Yocale report – exporting your findings to CVV/Excel, PDF, or Print is just a click away!

Easily Check-In With Your Revenues And Product Sales

Much like operating a restaurant, examining what you’re offering your customers is a crucial component of running a successful float spa. Similar to the menu at your favorite eatery, maintaining a balance of both choice and simplicity with your list of available services and products is generally conducive to business.

However, if you offer too many services – many of which are indistinguishable from the others – you can quickly overwhelm and confuse your customers. On the flip side, stripping down your offerings to just a select few can undermine the diversity of your business and leave your customers without options.

Of course, every business is different, so achieving balance with your “menu” may involve a fair amount of tweaking and experimentation. That said, reworking your service menu is a lot easier with the right data in your hands!

Fortunately, with Yocale’s Business Statistics Dashboard, it’s easy to get a grasp on your most profitable services and products.

Just like Yocale’s other reports, you can generate a full breakdown of any of the following statistics in seconds:

  • Sales by Service (The sales of each service)
  • Sales by Provider (Sales associated with a staff member)
  • Sales of Service by Provider (Sales of a specific service by a staff member)
  • Sales by Product (Retail inventory sales)
  • Payments by Tender (Total payments associated with specific payment methods)

Whether you’re looking to get the details on your biggest earners or see what services are lagging behind – Yocale makes staying on top of your numbers easier than ever!

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Walk out of the darkness and towards a brighter future for your business!

Yocale’s detail-rich reports allow you to assess the inner-workings of your float spa and illuminate the path towards improved revenues and happier customers.

Best of all, creating a Yocale account is FREE – and Yocale offers a plethora of solutions and functional tools for your business that extends far beyond what we’ve covered in this post.

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